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Picture of the Day...

From the Peace Rally in Washington, D.C. on January 27, 2006...
My thoughts on the day with more pictures (or at least a link to more pictures coming soon).

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Picture of the Day...

The view from the Seattle ferry to Bainbridge Island (Dec. 30, 2006).

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Picture of the Day...

View from the Manhattan Bridge (nearer the Manhattan side)...

Flash... I'm not running for president...

So, exactly how is John Kerry not running for President in 2008 a developing story or breaking news? I'm not running for president in 2008 and I don't see any cameras in front of me. Ahhh well... I still have 16 months to make my announcement.

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Picture of the Day...

Yes, a new post with actual words will be published soon. I just have to find something halfway interesting to write about. In the meantime, below is a shot from a vineyard on Bainbridge Island (off the coast of Seattle).

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Picture of the day...

Picture of the Day... In honor of the Golden Globes...
Okay, at 11:05, the Globes are officially over and yet, Arnold had to leave the audience with a bad taste in our collective mouths, with a dated Terminator joke "Remember, next year, we'll be back." Bad governor, bad!

Overall, I thought the awards were good. Not great... little that stood out or that I'll be talking about the next day. Maybe Sasha Baron Cohen's acceptance speech, maybe Helen Mirren's double victory, definitely the Grey's win, but that's because of the ABC factor. Oh, and definitely Ugly Betty and America Ferrara's victory. Again for the ABC factor and also cause it's a damn fine show, and a surprise. And, I was mighty pleased with the Hugh Laurie win. Oh, and I almost forgot about Meryl Streep. And, I did enjoy the Warren Beatty tribute. So, I apparently do have a few things that I can chat about.

But, live blogging was fun. A) cause I was able to make it through the whole show and 2) because now the show is over and I'm done. I don't actually have to recap it because y'all can just read the preceding posts. I might have a post mortem tomorrow (check out that Grey's Anatomy reference), but now... it's on to the Daily Show. And, in case you're wondering, no I don't know why all my time stamps are PST, when I'm clearly in the EST. I'll try and fix it before my next posting.
And now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzennager... In spite of Warren Beatty's joke, I won't call him the honorable. Though, I am a fan of his new healthcare initiative.

Anyway, enough politics... the winner of Best Movie - Drama was Babel... Color me stunned. I'll take this as another out of left field film. Like I said earlier, I didn't see it and I don't think I'm gonna be seeing it.

I've heard nothing bad about it, and it's getting people to think about things they might not have thought about.

Teasing the governor about his immigration status. That takes guts, cause sometimes I get the feeling that Arnold doesn't like people teasing him.

I know I should be paying attention to his speech, but I think I'm all speechified out. He thanked his fellow producers, the cast (the beautiful cast, and I do agree that Brad Pitt remains beautiful - actually I like Brad Pitt, I just can't bring myself to see this film.). Okay, I liked the shout out to the Mexican film industry. And, Yay Paramount, Endeavor, his parents, kids, etc. And, the last award of the evening gets played off.
Ooooh... I love Felicity Huffman. And, her dress is awesome.

I don't know that I realized Leo was nominated for both his roles. Great group of nominees this year. And Forest Whitaker wins. Good for him. He's always good in everything he does. And, he seemed absolutely terrifying in The Last King of Scotland. But, he's so soft spoken, and now he seems to be legitimately broken up about it. And, Peter Morgan (well, co-wrote) wrote this film, as well as The Queen (which if you've been reading these posts in order won a Golden Globe earlier in the evening)? Damn, that's bloody impressive!
Okay, why is Courtney Cox and David Arquette giving out the award for Best Drama?

Grey's Anatomy won, which I'm okay with. It's a damn fine show, and Shonda Rhimes just seems like an awesome person and aside from the talent, how often have we seen either females or people of color on the stage that night? Not much, that's for damn show.

Love Shonda Rhimes.

And, the camera folks really did try to find as many African Americans who weren't part of the Dream Girls table as they cut away from the stage, didn't they?

But, damn... ABC had one hell of a night.

And now, Phillip Seymour Hoffman announces for Best Actress in a drama...

Very tough category. I don't think Helen Mirren will win again. Though, I now get my Dame Helen vs. Dame Judi fight, don't I?

And, I was completely wrong!

Helen Mirren won... AGAIN! It was a terrific movie and Helen Mirren was great in it. But, truly... any of the ladies nominated would have been a fitting win. So, she was nominated for three awards and won two. Impressive.
Yes, the Mercedes S Class is a very nice car, but can it parallel park for you? Until it can, give me the Lexus. Note, I don't actually have a car, but if I did have a car right now, I would want one that parallel parks for me.

Thank you.
Dane Cook gets to introduce a film at the Golden Globes? Why? Anyway, he is introducing Thank You for Smoking, which looks pretty damn funny, but still have no desire to hear how good it is by Dane Cook.

And, Jennifer Lopez somehow gets the full Borat title out in one breath. And, Dreamgirls won! Good job, Dreamgirls! The producer Lawrence Mark gives the acceptance speech. And, he gives a shout out to David Geffen. At least somebody does. And, he gives a shout out to one of the original writers of the stage musical. And the composer has GOT to stop playing these guys off. And, he makes a good point just as he signs off, that he's sure they're going to be advertising the victory in about 10 seconds. I'll take the over on that one, but not by much.
Okay, not quite live blogging now because I had to reset the internet, so I had to pause the Tivo, but I think we've caught up. Or, at least I'll be caught up by the next commercial break.

And, Dustin Hoffman comes out to introduce Little Miss Sunshine, but before he starts the introduction, he informs Warrent Beatty that Ishtar was only onscreen for 0.5 seconds (true), but there will be an Ishtar II (though I think... hope! that was a joke).

And, I loved Little Miss Sunshine! Such a great film.

And, Spielberg comes out to introduce Best Director. I don't think he should be allowed to present a film that he produced. Or, two films he produced (both by Clint Eastwood). And, Marty Scorcese wins for The Departed. I think I've stated earlier that I"m going to add it to my list of films that I need to see, so yeah, I'll do that. And, that's kind of cool to see Spielberg give Scorcese the award. They're both great filmmakers, but they do such different types of films.

And, a shout out to Night of the Hunter, my favorite film, ever!! 1955 Charles Laughton film. If you haven't seen it, check it out. You won't be sorry.

And, I love that he's going to try to speak more quicker than normal. And, honestly, I can't tell. Oh, you don't rush Scorcese. It's just not polite.

Reese Witherspoon is introducing Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Sasha Baron Cohen or Will Ferrell? I just don't know who to root for.

And, Sasha Baron Cohen wins. Good for him. I think this is the first time I've ever seen him as himself. Wow... And, speaking with his real British accent. A little less posh than Hugh Laurie, but still damn nice. And, he's funny in real life, too. That's good to know. Of course, a two minute ode to his co-star's anus and testicles is possibly 100 seconds too long, but it's a different type of speech than one normally hears. And, he ends his speech by thanking every American who has not sued him. A noble bit of grace there, Master Cohen. A noble bit of grace.
These awards are just flying by. Two hours down, and approximately one to go.

Tom Hanks is introducing the award for Warren Beatty... is it me or is he slurring his words? Did Mr. Hanks have a little too much wine?

Hey... in 1962 the HFPA named Warren Beatty the Most Promising Newcomer of 1962 and now forty five or so years later, he gets another award from them. That's awfully nice of them. And Tom Hanks mentioned his fine work in the Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, so Yay Tom Hanks for knowing his tv history, cause it was a good show.

And, Mr. Hanks is right in that Warren Beatty has big balls... He's done a lot of great stuff, most recently for appearing as a voice on The Colbert Report. Bonnie and Clyde, Reds, Shampoo, Bulworth, Heaven Can Wait, Dick Tracy (with original songs by Stephen Sondheim), Bugsy (not my favorite film, but it was his vision). You know, I don't believe I've ever seen Reds. I think I've just added it to my Netflix queue. Or, since I don't currently have Netflix, I think I'll just add Warren Beatty to my Tivo queue so I can catch it the next time it comes across Time Warner Digital cable scheduler.

Okay, I've laughed out loud for the first time with Tom Hanks', "Ladies, show of hands" comment." That was funny.

Bravo Tom Hanks... good speech.

And, it's a Sondheim song... Sooner or Later.

Hey, it's Ishtar... They didn't ignore it. Fabulous!

And now Warren gets to speak... Damn, he still looks fine! What is he in his 70s? He was born in 1937, so we've just entered his 70th year. Impressive.

Oooh... is he gonna make another movie? I don't know, but his interplay with Eastwood and Nicholson? How freakin' funny is he? They're making him look bad. He can't understand why they won't just do what he says. He asked Arnold to become a Democrat, he did what he said. And, of course he's going to make another movie. So, sayeth Warren Beatty. Though, for a moment there, I thought he might say that he was gonna run for office. And, he's a fan of Borat. Nice job!

Okay, now he's rambling a bit. And, so far, nothing political. Which surprises me a little.

Okay, I laughed several times during Beatty's speech. Well, done. Awww... look how much he loves Annette and look how much she loves him. How bloody cute! And, he sends his kids to bed! Damn... he's good.
Up next is the special award going to Warren Beatty for lasting a long time in this industry. The Oscars call it the Irving Thalberg Award (even though he died too young to have lasted a long time in the industry), but I have no idea what the HFPA call it. But, in four minutes, Jack Bauer will be 1/6 of the way to saving the country for another year.
Jeremy Irons introduces scenes from The Queen...

He does sound cultured, doesn't he? I saw this film on the flight back from Seattle on Jan. 1 after I had gotten not much sleep the night before, and was expecting to not like it at all, but found myself enthralled.

Wow... Prince was stuck in traffic when he won his Golden Globe, so Hugh Grant gave him a shout out and allowed the room to give his due applause. That's nice.

Best Score is given out by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I know so little about music, that I really have nothing to say. Though I liked the little moment of awkward silence after the nominees were listed and before Hugh and Drew decided who should read it. Though I would have thought the teleprompter would say that, because I imagine it's an issue that must come up frequently. And the French guy who wrote The Painted Veil won. Congrats French dude!

Jennifer Love Hewitt and John Stamos are presenting Best Lead Actress in a Series - Comedy

Felicity Huffman, I love you, but c'mon America Ferrara is bloody fabulous. Oooh... but Mary Louise Parker. And, I like Marcia Cross and Julia Louis Dreyfus... Wow, I am once again conflicted. We have really great comedic actresses on American television today.

And, America Ferrara won! YAY!!! oh, yay!!!! She looks fabulous! And she sought out Salma Hayek to hug her. Awww... she seems slightly overwhelmed as she gives her speech. And, she realizes how much young girls look up to her. I like her! And, she thanks her mom. Awww... She's so serious about it, too. How cute! She's even making the laundry list of people that she's thanking cute. Awww... Go America Ferrara!
The NBC commercial for The Office...

YES! Jim still loves Pam. Or, as they put it in the commercial... "he has feelings for her." Of course he does!
Jamie Foxx (he seems slightly bitter tonight... is it because he didn't get a nomination of his very own?) is introducing Dream Girls as one of the Best Movies... Yeah, I gotta see this film. And, there's Jay-Z (partial owner of the NJ Nets) sitting next to Beyonce.

It's time for Best Foreign Language film... And two English speakers have
Apocalypto - I just have no desire to see a Mel Gibson film now.
Letters from Iwo Jima - I've heard good things about this, but I haven't been in the mood to see another war movie.
The Lives of Others - Okay, I know nothing about this.
Pan's Labyrinth - Time Out New York just reviewed it and gave it a rave.
Volver - My brother saw this and tells me I must see this. He says Penelope Cruz is just oustanding.

Letters from Iwo Jima wins! I thought that it might, cause of Eastwood's star power (and Spielberg produced it, so that couldn't hurt), but I wonder what would have happened had Mel Gibson had won? Can we say it together? AWK-WARD...
And Eastwood brings the funny. And, he's looking good, no? He seems less craggly than normal. Either he's had work done or he's staying out of the sun.
Oooh... Gina Davis and James Woods.

Best TV Series - comedy

Desperate Housewives - Has it recovered from its sophomore slump? I don't think so.
Entourage - good, but a li'l too inside Hollywood.
The Office - Damn fine show!
Ugly Betty - Oooh... I forgot about this one. Also a damn fine show!
Weeds - Oooh... I like this one too!

I'm all conflicted!

And the winner is... Ugly Betty!

Wow... did not see this one coming. I thought The Office would win. I'm okay with this. The Golden Globes always have a couple out of left field wins and ordinarily I'd put the Eddie Murphy win up there, but this year I think he was one of the favorites, so this would fill that category. But, it's a great show, so yay! Ugly Betty. And, yeah, they just won an award, but they seem so gosh darn liekable. And, how good does America Ferrara look out of her Ugly Betty costume?
Another commerical post...

I really don't like the new Direct TV commercial using Back to the Future. For the same reason I didn't like that stupid car? commercial using the same scenes (if not the same actors) from A Christmas Story. It's just stupid. In the Christmas Story one, I can't even remember what they were selling. Even minutes after the commercial ended, I could remember I did not like the commercial, but I had no idea of what they wanted me to buy. Totally defeating the purpose of buying, you know, commercial time.

And a raven haired Cameron Diaz is introducing The Departed, calling it a Scorcese masterpiece. Okay, maybe I'll check it out On Demand.

And Jake Gyllenhal (who was great on SNL, let's see him do a musical) and Hilary Swank are giving out the award for Best Screenplay.

And the winner is... Peter Morgan for The Queen. So, here's my theory on the Golden Globes this year. If you happen to have Dame Helen Mirren on screen with you, following your direction, or speaking your words, odds are you're gonna win.

And, now our first real political speech of the night. Peter Morgan telling the people to protest because sooner or later the powers that be have to listen to you. Sadly, I think he's wrong about that. I believe we must protest, but I don't think the folks in charge are gonna listen.

Best Actor in TV series - Comedy
Alec Baldwin
Zach Braff
Steve Carrell
Jason Lee
Tony Shaloub

Wow, I would be happy with either of these guys winning, cause they are all fabulous in their respective shows, so yay Alec Baldwin on his win. Let's see if he follows with a political speech or will he be on his best behavior?

And we start out with TMI regarding his hernia surgery. He thanks everybody, and makes Tina stand up. BORING! Although, I like the bit with his daughter, cause it makes him human. But overall, boring. C'mon Alec! We expected more from you.
Okay, the problem with Live blogging the Golden Globes is that it's 9:15 and I'm really hungry, but I can't make it to the kitchen and back before the commercial break ends, and I guess I could pause the Tivo, but wouldn't that totally defeat the purpose of Live Blogging?

And, I'm sure there are people out there who are wondering exactly why I chose live blogging the Golden Globes to get back into blogging and to them, I say... why not? And, if you don't like that reason, then I just gotta say because it was there. And, if that reason still fails you, then I'm going with because I had nothing better to do.

Although, it is making me miss the fourth episode of the sixth season of 24, but I'm working on the assumption that my brother is DVR'ing it downstairs. So, let's hope I'm right. Or, they decided to use the fourth hour of the day to have Jack take a nap.
Sara Jessica Parker is announcing the second nominated comedy... The Devil Wears Prada! More Meryl!!!!!!

They shoulda just used the montage of the coats on the desk... Damn, she's cold.

And, they used part of that montage, so go Psychic Kerri!

Best Actor in a miniseries or TV movie..

Andre Braugher - always awesome
Robert Duvall
Robert Ely
Some guy from Tsunami
Bill Nighy
Mathew Perry - Ron Clarke
Ben Kingsley - Mrs. Harris

And Bill Nighy wins... Okay, I love both him and Emily Blunt, so I will have to see this movie. He's just fabulous. And his speech is cute. I wonder if he's gonna be nominated for a Tony for the Violet Hour. He just seems so genuine while thanking people. Of course, he is a hell of an actor, so it could just be an act...

And, now Best Actress in a miniseries or movie
Gillian Anderson
Annette Bening
Helen Mirren (bet she wins)
Helen Mirren (seriously!)
Sophia from Tsunami

I wonder if Helen Mirren will split the vote with herself... And, she didn't! She wins for Elizabeth I. I'm sure the voters liked her in both Elizabeth I and Prime Suspect. And, such different roles. I would love to see a death match between Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench. She also seems so humble. How do these great actors do that?
Scrubs musical!! So excited! Only three more days! Whoo Hoo!!
It's Guy Love!
Check the Poo!
Johnny C. McGinley!
And, Stephanie D'Abruzzo (who I just noticed appeared in Oobi which is such a cute show for kids) Okay, if you don't know who Ms. Abruzzo is, get yourself the cast album of Avenue Q. She plays Kate Monster and Lucy the SLUT.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ben Stiller is introducing Borat. And manages to confuse what looks like Sasha Baron Cohen at the same time. Now, that's probably a rarity. And, yes, it's just been confirmed that was Sasha Baron Cohen (a nice Jewish Englishman).

Selma Hayak introduces the

Bleak House... didn't see.
Broken Trail ... didn't see, but did great numbers for AMC
Elizabeth I... Yay, Helen Mirren
Mrs. Harris... Still didn't see.
Prime Suspect... Yay, Helen Mirren

And, Elizabeth the First wins... Apparently I'm going to have to check this out if only because it won so many (by my count 2 (at this point!) Golden Globes at this point). Ahhh... it was an HBO film, no wonder. Awww... the speech was nice. Both the writer and Dame Mirren got shout outs from the producer.

Rachel Weisz is introducing Best Supporting Actor in the Motion Picture
Ben Affleck is caught ordering something when he is announced as George Reeves for Hollywoodland. I'll catch this when it turns up on HBO or more likely, TNT.
Eddie Murphy ... still haven't seen, but I heard he was great
Jack Nicholson - I'm sorry, he's got to lose the glasses, and I'll see his flick when it turns up on HBO.
Brad Pitt - Didn't see and not gonna.
Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg... I'll see The Departed sooner or later
And, Eddie Murphy wins! I really am going to have to see this film. So far, only Beyonce has lost for the acting categories. Maybe this week.
Poor David Geffen... he's never remembered as being part owner of Dreamworks. Doesn't Dreamworks SKG stand for Spielberg Katzenberg Geffen? Did he kill one of their pets or something?
Joaquin Phoenix (LOVED Walk the Line) introduces Best Actress in Motion Picture - Comedy. Crossing my fingers for Meryl Streep!

And, she wins! Yay!

So, both Meryl and Emily Blunt won this evening. How nice. I wonder if Anne Hathaway feels left out. Let's see what she says. She puts on the glasses and tells the theater to shut up. And she gives props to all the Best Actress nominees in both comedy and drama categories. Thanking the people in wardrobe for their special effects. She managed to bring in charity and a suggestion for the movie going public about how to get films in their theaters. Such a good speech!

Meryl - come back to the theater! We miss you!
Charlie Sheen introduces the film Bobby written and directed by Emilio Estevez and makes him stand up. That was so cute. And, he looks sober, but I could be wrong. Haven't seen this film, in spite of having great respect for Emilio actually completing his labor of love.

Oooh... Steve Carrell is introducing something. Very cool. Introducing a brand new category, Best Animated Feature Film (okay, they've come very late to this animated party, as Steve Carrell himself just pointed out that the first animation film actually premiered in 1902. My nephew loves Happy Feet and in fact, it's the theme for his fourth birthday party next week, so I'm hoping that wins. Only three nominees? And Cars wins. But, Cars has Paul Newman, so it's all good for me. Of course, Pixar wins. That makes sense.

And, life is about the journey, not the destination. So sayeth John Lassiter. Or, more accurately, his wife.
Okay, I normally won't comment on the commercials (unless I so choose), but the Charles Schwab investment commercial with Carolee Carmello was on, I just wanted to give a shout out to them.

And, that was followed by a commercial for Medium where Patricia Arquette was touted as a Golden Globe nominee, so I wonder if they'll update it if she wins or take it off completely if she loses.
Best Actor in a TV series...

I hope Patrick Dempsey doesn't win. Never having seen Dexter, I wouldn't mind if Michael Hall did, cause I hear he is very good.
Hugh Laurie - enough said. Yes, I do want him to win.
Bill Paxton... okay.
Keifer... Just got back into 24 and he should have this locked up next year, but I don't think this year. I blame Fox for making people forget about how great this show was by taking it so long to premiere when all of the other shows were premiering just when the the Globe nomination came out.

And Hugh Laurie wins... so 45 seconds of one of the greatest accents and speechifiers in the world. And hugs Greg Grunberg who guest starred on House last season. And, he brings the funny! Speech by Dolce and Gabana. Crew of drunken thieves! Awesome! Okay, he's going on a bit long, but in such a great accent, so it's okay.
Jessica Biel and Sean "Diddy" Combs...

Set to honor Best Supporting Actress in a series, miniseries or tv movie.

Emily Blunt gets another nom. Cool. Awww... Toni Collette, I can never root against you. Katherine Heigl, I do like you on Greys, but I don't think you're the best actress on your show. But, yay Sarah Paulsen. And, also Elizabeth Perkins. Hard category for this one.

And Emily Blunt wins! Wow... I'm very surprised. I adore her, though I never saw this movie, so since I would have been pleased with any of them, I'm anxious to see her speech. And she thanked Bill Nighy who is always great so apparently must see this film.
And, the first nomination for Best Motion Picture Drama... Naomi Watts introduces Babel... I know she's a good actress, but she's having a problem reading from the teleprompter. But, it's not really her job, so I'll look past it.

Brief break for the history of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. And they get a round of applause... Yay.

Phillip Burke is the answer to who is the head of Hollywood Foreign Press. You know, in case it ever comes up. But, he mentioned Meryl Streep who seemed shocked, so that was cute. Not sure why she seemed shocked, but cute nonetheless.
David Spade and Tina Fey giving out the Globe for Best Actress in a TV drama... Wow, he's short.

Awww... they're all good. Ellen Pompeil should not clap for herself. Neither should Kyra Sedgwick (although she stopped an covered her eyes with her hand, so yay her).

And she won! Yay... Kyra! I love the Closer, so I'm very happy for this one. She does such a good job on that show. Go all 65 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association! She thanked Kevin.. how sweet. Not only did she make Nicholson laugh, but she actually got him to take off the sunglasses. Kudos, Kyra.

Wow... right after she gets offstage, she gets shanghaied by the NBC sideline commentator. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Well... let's see how people are doing later in the evening when they're more drunk.
Best original Song...

Prince from Happy Feet. Didn't see it, but I like Prince, so yay...

And we're into the first commercial break.
Live blogging of the Golden Globes...

Up first... Best supporting actress in a motion picture...
Okay, of these, I only saw the Devil Wore Prada and while Emily Blunt did an AWESOME job as Miranda's first assistant, I'm not upset about Jennifer Hudson's win. She is the greatest story in Hollywood. Going from a American Idol cast-off to winning a Golden Globe is stuff that dreams are made of (let's hope that's the only similarity between the Maltese Falcon and the Golden Globe.

Although, "creating Effie..." meh... actually, I'm okay with it. She had always said that she never looked at Jennifer Holliday clips, so I can be believe she wasn't cribbing off of someone else. Of course, she had lots of help with the creation of Effie...

The question of the first commercial break is... Who's Florence Ballard?
Now we're getting to the good stuff...

Miss Golden Globe! Jack Nicholson's daughter Lorraine gets the honor tonight. Did not even know he had a daughter...

Best Supporting Actor in a drama, movie or miniseries...

Justin Kirk, Jeremy Piven or the guy from Heroes (on principle I don't believe that made for tv movies should be included in this category. They should do what the Emmys do and have a separate category. But, Jeremy Irons (Elizabeth the First) won, so what do I know...

And, he gave big ups to Helen Mirren, so oodles of love for that, cause what's not to love about Helen Mirren?

And, I know he lives in Ireland, but he's so very British.

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Picture of the Day... 01/12/06

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Picture of the day... Actually, before I get to the picture of the day, I should explain what the point of these pictures are. Really... there is none. I like to take pictures and so I take a lot of them. Sometimes these pictures come out kind of nice, and i thought others might appreciate the photography, as well. Most of these are pictures of New York City, but sometimes I take my camera when I (rarely) travel and this will be reflected in the blog.

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New picture of the day...

In lieu of the holidays that recently passed...