Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jeremy Irons introduces scenes from The Queen...

He does sound cultured, doesn't he? I saw this film on the flight back from Seattle on Jan. 1 after I had gotten not much sleep the night before, and was expecting to not like it at all, but found myself enthralled.

Wow... Prince was stuck in traffic when he won his Golden Globe, so Hugh Grant gave him a shout out and allowed the room to give his due applause. That's nice.

Best Score is given out by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I know so little about music, that I really have nothing to say. Though I liked the little moment of awkward silence after the nominees were listed and before Hugh and Drew decided who should read it. Though I would have thought the teleprompter would say that, because I imagine it's an issue that must come up frequently. And the French guy who wrote The Painted Veil won. Congrats French dude!

Jennifer Love Hewitt and John Stamos are presenting Best Lead Actress in a Series - Comedy

Felicity Huffman, I love you, but c'mon America Ferrara is bloody fabulous. Oooh... but Mary Louise Parker. And, I like Marcia Cross and Julia Louis Dreyfus... Wow, I am once again conflicted. We have really great comedic actresses on American television today.

And, America Ferrara won! YAY!!! oh, yay!!!! She looks fabulous! And she sought out Salma Hayek to hug her. Awww... she seems slightly overwhelmed as she gives her speech. And, she realizes how much young girls look up to her. I like her! And, she thanks her mom. Awww... She's so serious about it, too. How cute! She's even making the laundry list of people that she's thanking cute. Awww... Go America Ferrara!

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