Monday, January 15, 2007

Ben Stiller is introducing Borat. And manages to confuse what looks like Sasha Baron Cohen at the same time. Now, that's probably a rarity. And, yes, it's just been confirmed that was Sasha Baron Cohen (a nice Jewish Englishman).

Selma Hayak introduces the

Bleak House... didn't see.
Broken Trail ... didn't see, but did great numbers for AMC
Elizabeth I... Yay, Helen Mirren
Mrs. Harris... Still didn't see.
Prime Suspect... Yay, Helen Mirren

And, Elizabeth the First wins... Apparently I'm going to have to check this out if only because it won so many (by my count 2 (at this point!) Golden Globes at this point). Ahhh... it was an HBO film, no wonder. Awww... the speech was nice. Both the writer and Dame Mirren got shout outs from the producer.

Rachel Weisz is introducing Best Supporting Actor in the Motion Picture
Ben Affleck is caught ordering something when he is announced as George Reeves for Hollywoodland. I'll catch this when it turns up on HBO or more likely, TNT.
Eddie Murphy ... still haven't seen, but I heard he was great
Jack Nicholson - I'm sorry, he's got to lose the glasses, and I'll see his flick when it turns up on HBO.
Brad Pitt - Didn't see and not gonna.
Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg... I'll see The Departed sooner or later
And, Eddie Murphy wins! I really am going to have to see this film. So far, only Beyonce has lost for the acting categories. Maybe this week.
Poor David Geffen... he's never remembered as being part owner of Dreamworks. Doesn't Dreamworks SKG stand for Spielberg Katzenberg Geffen? Did he kill one of their pets or something?

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