Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And a raven haired Cameron Diaz is introducing The Departed, calling it a Scorcese masterpiece. Okay, maybe I'll check it out On Demand.

And Jake Gyllenhal (who was great on SNL, let's see him do a musical) and Hilary Swank are giving out the award for Best Screenplay.

And the winner is... Peter Morgan for The Queen. So, here's my theory on the Golden Globes this year. If you happen to have Dame Helen Mirren on screen with you, following your direction, or speaking your words, odds are you're gonna win.

And, now our first real political speech of the night. Peter Morgan telling the people to protest because sooner or later the powers that be have to listen to you. Sadly, I think he's wrong about that. I believe we must protest, but I don't think the folks in charge are gonna listen.

Best Actor in TV series - Comedy
Alec Baldwin
Zach Braff
Steve Carrell
Jason Lee
Tony Shaloub

Wow, I would be happy with either of these guys winning, cause they are all fabulous in their respective shows, so yay Alec Baldwin on his win. Let's see if he follows with a political speech or will he be on his best behavior?

And we start out with TMI regarding his hernia surgery. He thanks everybody, and makes Tina stand up. BORING! Although, I like the bit with his daughter, cause it makes him human. But overall, boring. C'mon Alec! We expected more from you.

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