Tuesday, January 16, 2007

These awards are just flying by. Two hours down, and approximately one to go.

Tom Hanks is introducing the award for Warren Beatty... is it me or is he slurring his words? Did Mr. Hanks have a little too much wine?

Hey... in 1962 the HFPA named Warren Beatty the Most Promising Newcomer of 1962 and now forty five or so years later, he gets another award from them. That's awfully nice of them. And Tom Hanks mentioned his fine work in the Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, so Yay Tom Hanks for knowing his tv history, cause it was a good show.

And, Mr. Hanks is right in that Warren Beatty has big balls... He's done a lot of great stuff, most recently for appearing as a voice on The Colbert Report. Bonnie and Clyde, Reds, Shampoo, Bulworth, Heaven Can Wait, Dick Tracy (with original songs by Stephen Sondheim), Bugsy (not my favorite film, but it was his vision). You know, I don't believe I've ever seen Reds. I think I've just added it to my Netflix queue. Or, since I don't currently have Netflix, I think I'll just add Warren Beatty to my Tivo queue so I can catch it the next time it comes across Time Warner Digital cable scheduler.

Okay, I've laughed out loud for the first time with Tom Hanks', "Ladies, show of hands" comment." That was funny.

Bravo Tom Hanks... good speech.

And, it's a Sondheim song... Sooner or Later.

Hey, it's Ishtar... They didn't ignore it. Fabulous!

And now Warren gets to speak... Damn, he still looks fine! What is he in his 70s? He was born in 1937, so we've just entered his 70th year. Impressive.

Oooh... is he gonna make another movie? I don't know, but his interplay with Eastwood and Nicholson? How freakin' funny is he? They're making him look bad. He can't understand why they won't just do what he says. He asked Arnold to become a Democrat, he did what he said. And, of course he's going to make another movie. So, sayeth Warren Beatty. Though, for a moment there, I thought he might say that he was gonna run for office. And, he's a fan of Borat. Nice job!

Okay, now he's rambling a bit. And, so far, nothing political. Which surprises me a little.

Okay, I laughed several times during Beatty's speech. Well, done. Awww... look how much he loves Annette and look how much she loves him. How bloody cute! And, he sends his kids to bed! Damn... he's good.

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