Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oooh... Gina Davis and James Woods.

Best TV Series - comedy

Desperate Housewives - Has it recovered from its sophomore slump? I don't think so.
Entourage - good, but a li'l too inside Hollywood.
The Office - Damn fine show!
Ugly Betty - Oooh... I forgot about this one. Also a damn fine show!
Weeds - Oooh... I like this one too!

I'm all conflicted!

And the winner is... Ugly Betty!

Wow... did not see this one coming. I thought The Office would win. I'm okay with this. The Golden Globes always have a couple out of left field wins and ordinarily I'd put the Eddie Murphy win up there, but this year I think he was one of the favorites, so this would fill that category. But, it's a great show, so yay! Ugly Betty. And, yeah, they just won an award, but they seem so gosh darn liekable. And, how good does America Ferrara look out of her Ugly Betty costume?

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