Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzennager... In spite of Warren Beatty's joke, I won't call him the honorable. Though, I am a fan of his new healthcare initiative.

Anyway, enough politics... the winner of Best Movie - Drama was Babel... Color me stunned. I'll take this as another out of left field film. Like I said earlier, I didn't see it and I don't think I'm gonna be seeing it.

I've heard nothing bad about it, and it's getting people to think about things they might not have thought about.

Teasing the governor about his immigration status. That takes guts, cause sometimes I get the feeling that Arnold doesn't like people teasing him.

I know I should be paying attention to his speech, but I think I'm all speechified out. He thanked his fellow producers, the cast (the beautiful cast, and I do agree that Brad Pitt remains beautiful - actually I like Brad Pitt, I just can't bring myself to see this film.). Okay, I liked the shout out to the Mexican film industry. And, Yay Paramount, Endeavor, his parents, kids, etc. And, the last award of the evening gets played off.

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