Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sara Jessica Parker is announcing the second nominated comedy... The Devil Wears Prada! More Meryl!!!!!!

They shoulda just used the montage of the coats on the desk... Damn, she's cold.

And, they used part of that montage, so go Psychic Kerri!

Best Actor in a miniseries or TV movie..

Andre Braugher - always awesome
Robert Duvall
Robert Ely
Some guy from Tsunami
Bill Nighy
Mathew Perry - Ron Clarke
Ben Kingsley - Mrs. Harris

And Bill Nighy wins... Okay, I love both him and Emily Blunt, so I will have to see this movie. He's just fabulous. And his speech is cute. I wonder if he's gonna be nominated for a Tony for the Violet Hour. He just seems so genuine while thanking people. Of course, he is a hell of an actor, so it could just be an act...

And, now Best Actress in a miniseries or movie
Gillian Anderson
Annette Bening
Helen Mirren (bet she wins)
Helen Mirren (seriously!)
Sophia from Tsunami

I wonder if Helen Mirren will split the vote with herself... And, she didn't! She wins for Elizabeth I. I'm sure the voters liked her in both Elizabeth I and Prime Suspect. And, such different roles. I would love to see a death match between Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench. She also seems so humble. How do these great actors do that?

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