Monday, January 15, 2007

Best Actor in a TV series...

I hope Patrick Dempsey doesn't win. Never having seen Dexter, I wouldn't mind if Michael Hall did, cause I hear he is very good.
Hugh Laurie - enough said. Yes, I do want him to win.
Bill Paxton... okay.
Keifer... Just got back into 24 and he should have this locked up next year, but I don't think this year. I blame Fox for making people forget about how great this show was by taking it so long to premiere when all of the other shows were premiering just when the the Globe nomination came out.

And Hugh Laurie wins... so 45 seconds of one of the greatest accents and speechifiers in the world. And hugs Greg Grunberg who guest starred on House last season. And, he brings the funny! Speech by Dolce and Gabana. Crew of drunken thieves! Awesome! Okay, he's going on a bit long, but in such a great accent, so it's okay.

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