Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Okay, at 11:05, the Globes are officially over and yet, Arnold had to leave the audience with a bad taste in our collective mouths, with a dated Terminator joke "Remember, next year, we'll be back." Bad governor, bad!

Overall, I thought the awards were good. Not great... little that stood out or that I'll be talking about the next day. Maybe Sasha Baron Cohen's acceptance speech, maybe Helen Mirren's double victory, definitely the Grey's win, but that's because of the ABC factor. Oh, and definitely Ugly Betty and America Ferrara's victory. Again for the ABC factor and also cause it's a damn fine show, and a surprise. And, I was mighty pleased with the Hugh Laurie win. Oh, and I almost forgot about Meryl Streep. And, I did enjoy the Warren Beatty tribute. So, I apparently do have a few things that I can chat about.

But, live blogging was fun. A) cause I was able to make it through the whole show and 2) because now the show is over and I'm done. I don't actually have to recap it because y'all can just read the preceding posts. I might have a post mortem tomorrow (check out that Grey's Anatomy reference), but now... it's on to the Daily Show. And, in case you're wondering, no I don't know why all my time stamps are PST, when I'm clearly in the EST. I'll try and fix it before my next posting.

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