Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Okay, why is Courtney Cox and David Arquette giving out the award for Best Drama?

Grey's Anatomy won, which I'm okay with. It's a damn fine show, and Shonda Rhimes just seems like an awesome person and aside from the talent, how often have we seen either females or people of color on the stage that night? Not much, that's for damn show.

Love Shonda Rhimes.

And, the camera folks really did try to find as many African Americans who weren't part of the Dream Girls table as they cut away from the stage, didn't they?

But, damn... ABC had one hell of a night.

And now, Phillip Seymour Hoffman announces for Best Actress in a drama...

Very tough category. I don't think Helen Mirren will win again. Though, I now get my Dame Helen vs. Dame Judi fight, don't I?

And, I was completely wrong!

Helen Mirren won... AGAIN! It was a terrific movie and Helen Mirren was great in it. But, truly... any of the ladies nominated would have been a fitting win. So, she was nominated for three awards and won two. Impressive.

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