Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dane Cook gets to introduce a film at the Golden Globes? Why? Anyway, he is introducing Thank You for Smoking, which looks pretty damn funny, but still have no desire to hear how good it is by Dane Cook.

And, Jennifer Lopez somehow gets the full Borat title out in one breath. And, Dreamgirls won! Good job, Dreamgirls! The producer Lawrence Mark gives the acceptance speech. And, he gives a shout out to David Geffen. At least somebody does. And, he gives a shout out to one of the original writers of the stage musical. And the composer has GOT to stop playing these guys off. And, he makes a good point just as he signs off, that he's sure they're going to be advertising the victory in about 10 seconds. I'll take the over on that one, but not by much.

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