Monday, February 26, 2007


As I mentioned earlier, I think Ellen did a great job. Yes, even better than Jon Stewart, mainly because I think she fit more into the Hollywood ideal of what a host should be. Although, I have no doubt that Jon Stewart would have had fun with Al Gore's film.

As to how I did with my Oscar picks, assuming we're just going to go with what I thought would win (as opposed to what I thought should win), I did not do well at all, going just 13 for 24, barely over 50%.

I did a little better with the pool I was in for work, going 18 for 24, but still not quite passing, and I did beat the other folks who guessed from my department. So, research group, eat your heart out!

And now, we have snowy conditions in NYC which means my commute tomorrow is gonna suck... Excellent...

Overall, good Academy Awards... though lose the America montage and start earlier and I think we can move that up to a solid great Academy Awards. Most of the folks I wanted to win won, and even with the categories I guessed wrongly on, I was never displeased with the result. And, so I end my blogging on the 79th Academy Awards with this...


And the Oscar goes to...

BTW: Diane Keaton looks great!

And, The Departed wins!

Backstage, Spielberg gives Scorcese a hug even though he just lost the Oscar to The Departed.

And another Brit gets to give an acceptance speech. Good on you...

And so another Academy Awards comes to an end.

Ellen did a great job, even though it ended 45 minutes past what my DVR said it should.

Best Picture...

We're down to the wire...


The Departed...

The Queen...

Letters from Iwo Jima...

Little Miss Sunshine...
George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppolla, and Steven Spielberg present the Best Director Oscar...

That was very funny. They start off talking about how great it is to win an Academy Award when Lucas pipes in with he's never won one. They start mocking him. He says it's better to give than to receive and they rejoin with it's better to give than to receive.

And Marty Scorcese wins!! Awww... that's awesome! Finally, he's tied with 3-6 Mafia!

And everyone seems genuinely happy! Spielberg says, "Hey, Mazel Tov," like a good Jewish boy. And he gets a standing O from the theater. Scorcese asks that they check the envelope. He thanks his reps, the producers, the crew, the cast... He thanks his fans... And his family. good job, Marty. And as he walks off, Nicholson captures him in a big bear hug.

Best Actor...

is presented by Reese Witherspoon who does look fabulous. Divorce agrees with her?

I do enjoy Ryan Gosling...

This is a very tough categry, but the Oscar goes to... Forest Whitaker!

Yay! I called that one.

Okay, but I did not know that he had gotten his start in entertainment by getting a scholarship as an operatic tenor. That's pretty cool.

For such a big guy, he sure is soft spoken.

How come he didn't get played off? He had kind of a long speech...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another commercial...

cause we haven't had enough of these. And while I liked the Apple ad the first time I saw it, by time #3, it's really beginning to lose something. This is why commercials shouldn't air more than once per show. That said, yes, I still do want an Apple Iphone, but no, I won't be switching to Cingular to get it.

Didn't Jon Stewart last year come out on time? Or, close to it?

Yes, we could have lost the Salute to America through the movies montage. Unless, the producers did it so they could point to their patriotism when pundits from the right went off on their awarding so many Oscars to Al Gore's film?

And with running so late, did we really need this brief comic interlude by Ellen? Though, it was really funny, I agree.

Ellen Degeneres

was again very funny when she comes out and says that we're done and under time. Then she gets a voice in her earpiece saying that there are several awards left to present.

Philip Seymour Hoffman comes out to award the Best Actress Oscar...

While I love Meryl and hopes she wins, her role was not big enough to warrant a win in this category.

And the Oscar goes to... Helen Mirren... yeah... that's what I thought. And they're not wrong. Speeches are just more interesting when they're said by Brits. And, Aussies. And she gives a shout out to her fellow nominees (the only one to do so, I believe - well, maybe Adam Arkin did) and the filmmakers on The Queen. And then a shout out to Queen Elizabeth II.

And the dancers are back to do The Departed in the shape of a gun.

Bank of America commercial...

Assuming it was a national commercial, that was a great commercial. It's a mirror in the shape of the Bank of America logo and it shows the future (or possible future) of the person looking in the mirror. And it's a cross section of the American public (age, sex, race) and then the voice over says the future is full of possibility and Bank of America can help take you there...

And Jodi Foster is presenting...

the In Memorium tribute... I don't like how some people applaud during it. Especially for the folks who did the bulk of their work during the 40s and 50s, they might not be as well known today, so of course they wouldn't get the same amount of recognition, but that doesn't take away from their body of work. They should do like we're taught to in grade school... save your applause til the end.

Will Smith introduces...

Michael Mann's viewpoint of America through its movies... Which seems to be just a montage of other people's movies...

What's the point of this stuff? -Wendy
Good question. We're already 9 minutes late with five films to present. And while I personally love a good clip show, this is kind of silly... Plus, we haven't done in memorium yet either... So, we have another clip montage to get through.

And now, we have Kate Winslet introducing Best Film editing...
And the Oscar goes to Thelma Schoonmaker for The Departed... I like her, so I'm glad. I heard her speak once when I was just out of college. She's good people. And, the first person she thanks is Martin Scorcese and then the writer and the actors.

Jennifer Lopez is introducing...

Dreamgirls' Best Original Songs... (3 of them)

Jennifer Hudson leads it off with Love You I Do... she is good. She's got a full voice, though I think if she keeps bending over, she's gonna fall out of that dress...

And then Beyonce joins in... And then starts in on Listen. Which, in an interesting factoid she co-wrote, but was deemed not to have contributed enough, to qualify for an Academy Award. Jennifer Hudson joins in on this one. And then Beyonce finishes off alone.

Patience is sung by Anika Noni Rose and Keith Robinson.

John Travolta and Queen Latifah come out to give out the Oscar for Best Original Song...

And the Oscar goes to Melissa Etheridge. Yay for that one... I do think that Dreamgirls lost because they split the vote, but her song ("I Need to Wake Up") is great! And I like her speech. And I like that she kissed her wife and called her that when she thanked her from the podium. And she's right, we can become the generation that woke up and we can change!

It's 11:17 and

there are still six more awards to give out...

Overall I think they're doing a great job with the awards show, but would it have killed them to start it at 8 p.m.? It's already going to run over and so it's not going to end until midnight. Maybe the folks in LA are taking the day off tomorrow (though since it's three hours earlier, they really don't need to), but us New Yorkers have to get up for work. Okay, so this wasn't a problem last year when I was running on Pacific Time, but I'm fickle.

Best Original Score...

Gosh, Hugh Jackman is dreamy. And Penelope Cruz who co-introduced with him looks smashing, as always.

Babel wins! Yay Gustavo! I thought The Queen would win, but I wanted Babel to win, so that's kind of cool.

I am really enjoying Ellen Degeneres. She's doing a lot of interaction with the audience, and that's cool.

The 60 second recap of what the Academy does was pretty impressive.

And Kirsten Dunst and Toby Maguire are introducing Best Original Screenplay...

Again, I'm liking what they're doing with the presenters reading the stage direction, character and then letting the movie run. Wow... Michael Arndt was the assistant to Matthew Broderick and quit his job to write this movie. That's pretty cool... And he thanked his family who actually drove across country in a VW Bus with a broken clutch.

The dancers are back to introduce The Devil Wears Prada... Wow... They made the logo of the shoe...

An honorary Oscar goes to...

Clint Eastwood introduces and gives a nice little introduction about Ennio Morricone who has done a bunch of the scores you know and love, including the first film Clint Eastwood ever starred in, A Fistful of Dollars. Morricone is being given an honorary award, though I can't figure out which one. And Celine Dion is singing a song to one of his scores, I believe.

And I just looked it up, the award doesn't actually have a name. It's just called an Honorary Award. Which I think is kind of silly. With all the thousands of important and talented folks who have worked in Hollywood over the past 100 years, they couldn't come up with someone to name this thing after.

Anyway, apparently Morricone went to school with Sergio Leone and that's where they started their partnership. And he's giving his acceptance speech in Italian, but since I can't speak Italian, I'm not sure what he's saying. But, he just spoke for 3 minutes and Eastwood's translation was only about 25 seconds. He wants to thank the Academy. And thank his co-workers. And he wants to thank the other artists whose work has never been recognized, but who are just as talented and work as hard. He's going to stay as dedicated and this is not going to be an end point for him, but a beginning. He dedicates the Oscar to his wife, Maria. Which gets a huge round of applause, as well it should.

Best Documentary

(short subject)...

Haven't seen any of these, I'll admit. But, I read an article about Recycled Life and the story behind that is great.

And the Oscar goes to The Blood of Yingzhou District. Again, I know nothing about this and heard nothing about it, so it didn't even figure into my thinking. But, congrats go out to the winners.

And Jerry Seinfeld is introducing Best Feature documentary. As to what he has to do with the film industry, I have no idea. But, he's funny, so I'm being entertained and that's to the good. He's taking on the theater announcements that ask you to pick up your trash. I don't agree, but good for him for saying so...

And he finally gets to the nominees... I really have to see the rest of these movies...

But, Al Gore's films wins! Yay, An Inconvenient Truth... Run Al Run!! Davis Guggenheim is the producer and the weird looking guy that neither me nor my sister could place him. Go, Davis!

Now, run, Al run!!!

Naomi Watts and Robert Downey Jr introduce...

visual effects...

And the Oscar goes to... for Pirates...

Ha! Totally called that one. Again, Superman's special effects were horrible. And I heard Posiedon was not good.

Liked the shout out to Ellen's suggestion on how to give a speech even though it didn't get a laugh.

Best foreign language film seems to be up next...

And after a neverending montage, it's introduced by Clive Owens and Cate Blanchett...

The winner is Lives of Others (Germany). I'm honestly stunned. I just assumed that Pan's Labyrinth would win cause so many people said nothing but good things about it. Huh... oh well...

And Ellen is doing shadow puppets...

And is eaten by the snakes on the plane that turn into an actual plane. Loving it...

George Clooney is introducing the Best Supporting Actress nominees...

Okay, the man is seriously handsome and sexy and good looking and smart and funny and good lord, talented. He is seriously our generation's Cary Grant...

I'm all nervous for this category...

The winner is Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls!

Wendy just asked me how she could be surprised that she won, but two years ago she was being mocked by Simon Cowell and now she just beat out Cate Blanchett for the Oscar and she was just hugged by George Clooney. And she nearly breaks down... but she's being played off as she finishes. And doesn't forget Jennifer Holliday...

More Ellen in the audience

Ellen bypasses Clint Eastwood's wife so that Steven Spielberg can take a picture for her MySpace page...

SO FUNNY! She asks him to take two cause the first one didn't come out too well... Ha! Asking Spielberg for a redo. I love that he and Eastwood have good senses of humor.

Gwyneth introduces Best Cinematography... Is that her real hair? Or does she have extensions in?

Pan's Labyrinth wins... Got that one wrong. But again, I've seen none of these films, so I took a shot in the dark. And guessed wrong. Bah! And this Guillermo fellow is getting played off, and honestly his voice made me sleepy, so I'm not quite sure what he said.

And the dancers did Little Miss Sunshine and made a bus out of themselves.

Costume design actor...

Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway introduce this one. Sort of in character...

And, LOVE that Meryl.. So funny... where is her cappacino and then she looks miffed! I wonder if that was planned... It had to be planned, right? Love that Meryl!

Since I am severely lacking in costume and fashion acumen, I'm just going to be impressed with all of the nominees cause they all looked swell...

Marie Antoinette wins! Called it! well, I called that it would win. I still think Dreamgirls should have one. But of course I didn't see Marie Antoinette. Though the winner is French so at least her acceptance speech is neat. And I like that she's wearing a tux.

Tom Cruise presents the Jean Hersholdt award winner (for humanitarian stuff)... Sherry Lansing wins... She was the first female president of a major studio (20th Century Fox). She cofounded Stop Cancer... Sits on the board of Teach for America... Donates time/money to eradicating childhood diseases in third world country. Started Primetime America (a new program that places retirees in schools).

Wow... she's seriously awesome.

Screenplay awards... (or Best Adapted anyway)

Given out by Tom Hanks and Helen Mirren (an odd coupling if ever I've heard one)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Okay, I finally understand why Borat is considered an adapted screenplay. It's because the characters already existed... Seriously, that has bothered me. But, now I know.

I really like how they're reading the stage directions, characters and letting the movie run for a line or two.

And the Oscar goes to William Monahan for the Departed... I got this one right, but I had a slim hope that Borat would have won. Winner sounds a bit drunk (or, actually on the Valium he alluded to). And, he's getting played off.

Ellen recycling jokes...

Touching upon Gilligan's Island... Ginger bringing to many clothes for a three hour tour. And Mrs. Howell brings a fur coat to go fishing... What's up with that?

Cameron Diaz introduces the Best Animated Picture nominees...

And the Oscar goes to... Happy Feet!

That one's for you, Lukey! Producer sounds slightly drunk. But, I liked that he talked about his kid and he was short. Gotta respect that.

Ben Affleck is introduced as the Academy Award winning screenwriter... I know it's true, but c'mon...

And it's a salute to writers... I love these montages!

Much more creative this year - Rich
Much more - Wendy

Much better writers this year -Kerri (aka yours truly)

The Departed...

Okay, I've gotta see this movie. This week...

And James Taylor is singing the song, "Our Town" from Cars, written by the extremely prolific Randy Newman.

Melissa Etheridge is singing "I Need to Wake Up" for An Inconvenient Truth. I like the suggestions/notations on the screen behind her and the band. And, as a side note, run Al run!

Leo says is there something you want to announce (to Al Gore)... Again, run Al, run! Al says he's here just for the movies.

And the Oscars have officially go green. Not as hard as you might think ( to find out how you can do your part).

That was really fun! Leo says doesn't he have announcement to make to Gore? Gore says that he hadn't really thought about it, but now that he's here, he has something to formally announce and the MUSIC plays him off. He shrugs and he and Leo walk offstage.

Run Al, Run!!!

Best Supporting Actor...

I'd be happy with any of these guys winning... It's a strong category this year.

Alan Arkin wins... I didn't guess that. :-( He was great... And he's got lots of friends in the Academy, so I'm not shocked. And he was fabulous. But, I did want Eddie Murphy to win, cause he was quite good.

And Alan Arkin thanked his teachers both in and out of the profession. That's pretty cool of him.

And Ellen is taking a walk around the theater... Saying hi to Marky Mark and then giving Marty Scorcese her screenplay... a cross between Goodfellas and Big Mama's House. He's gonna read it during the show. Ha!

And the dancers were intorduced and are now being the penguins from Happy Feet in silhouette. Very cool!

Salute to Sound and Cinema...

Interesting, and yet odd...

It's beginning to grow on me.... The corale are doing the sound effects from famous movies... There's Ben Hur and a few seconds ago we saw Singing in the Rain. And now Casablanca with the plane...

Steve Carrell (yay!) and Greg Kinnear are introducing the Sound Effects category...

Sound editing is like sex... it's often done at night and often alone.

Again, good writing between the presenters... I am still impressed with writers.

And the Oscar goes to...
Letters from Iwo Jima

Ha! Called that one.

The guy who talked first was very nervous...

Next up... Sound Mixing with Jessica Biel and somebody else... (sorry, I missed the name and though I'm DVR'ing the Oscars, I refuse to pause it). If I can't live blog it for real, then it's just not worth it.

Dreamgirls wins it!!! Ha! Called that one too!

The things you learn...

According to the announcer, we are watching the Oscars on ABC... Good to know.

Best shorts...

Abigail Breslin and Jaden Smith were really cute, especially Jaden's little flub.

Best animated short...

The Danish Poet (know nothing about this film, but I was still rooting for Little Match Girl).

The writers for the bits between Abigail and Jaden were pretty good.

West Bank Story wins!! I totally called that one, based on the fact that a movie about the Holocaust or a movie about the Middle East always wins at least one award.

I like Ari's thank you... He thanked his parents... awww... but he gave a shout out to the little guy in explaining his award. And he talked about hope in the Middle East which you rarely hear about these days. But, someone's got to have it. Now, I have to find his short. I'm sure I Tunes will have it within a couple of days (if not sooner)...

And now Clint Eastwood is talking about Letters from Iwo Jima. I do want to see this movie.

Will Ferrel sings...

A comedian at the Oscars...

but your name they'll never call.

A comedian at the Oscars, is the saddest thing at all.

Jack Black helps him out...

What did you think?

John C. Reilly...

I took both Boogie and Talladega Nights...

Hellen Mirren and an Oscar will be coming home with me...


That was funny. That was new for the Oscars. -Wendy

And, Best Achievement in Makeup...
C'mon, achievement in makeup is a category? -Rich

And the Oscar goes to...
Pans Labyrinth

Which I thought would win, going on my theory that nobody saw Click and nobody would vote for Apocalypto.


No, I won't be talking about much of the commercials, but I LOVED the spot for Apple IPhone. Hello!

Now, people have been saying for the past few weeks that the Oscars are the Superbowl for women, so I'm wondering if the commercials will reflect that. They're definitely sappier, if this first commercial break is anything to go by.

Scientific awards...

Maggie Gyllenhal said some stuff about this but I missed it. I should point out that I'm watching this with my sister and brother-in-law who apparently don't stop talking throughout all awards shows. So, I will probably be missing some more stuff, but I will do the best I can.

And I liked that weird dancing silhouette that ended up in the shape of an Oscar.

Art Direction...

Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman introduce...

Pan's Labyrinth wins... I haven't seen this, but I have heard it's gorgeous.

Ellen's opening bit...

Oh... Errol Morris directed the opening bit. I like him.

Isn't it a bit odd that Ellen wanted to host the Academy Awards, rather than win one? Just me? Okay. Ahhh... she mentions that. I feel better.

And, Mexico gets its due. Some folks in the Border Patrol won't appreciate that.

Wow... Ellen does look really happy to be hosting. She's practically gleeful.

Four laugh out loud moments already. I'm liking this. Mostly the British stuff. And the slightly self-deprecating moments.

Again, they say a billion people are watching. I don't know if I believe that.

Keep your speeches short. I wonder if they're going to mention the website acceptance speeches. This is the deal with that. If you want to make a long acceptance speech, then you're allowed to, but you have to do it off the main stage, behind the scenes to a web producer.

A shout out to Abigail Breslin who looks surprised and gosh adorable.

Peter O'Toole was nominated eight times without a win.

Jennifer Hudson - American Idol... America didn't vote for her and she's here with an Academy Award nominatioin.

Al Gore - America did vote for him and then... Gosh, I hope he wins.

If there weren't blacks, Jews and gays there would be no Oscars. So true.

Gospel singers and tambourines. Didn't get that...

Opening bit...

I'm not quite sure what this opening bit is about... is it people who have been nominated, but never won? Or, just people who were nominated this year?

It's funny... But, kind of odd. I kind of want to know what the questions are, am I alone in that?

And all the nominees get appluase before the show. I like that. Before anyone loses, or rather is declared not to have gotten the Oscar, they all get acclaim.

And, here's Ellen!

And so it officially begins...

And we're off!

8 minutes to go...

so let's talk about the host. I'm expecting good things from Ellen Degeneres. She's always funny, which is good. As host of her own tv show, she knows how to keep things moving which is necessary for the Oscars. Am I slightly annoyed that Jon Stewart wasn't hired again? Yeah, but I don't think he was able to put his best foot forward last year, and he took so much time off of The Daily Show to prepare for hosting, that I guess I'm glad that he is devoting 100 percent of his energy to The Daily Show. Then again, he did make me laugh many times next year, but I expect Degeneres will do the same this year. Plus, the mere fact that she has a career makes large percentage of the religious right annoyed, and that gives me pleasure.

In short... while I don't think she'll be in Billy Crystal's league, I expect to be entertained.

And so we begin...

ABC is starting things off with a pregame show with, it appears Chris Connolly (former MTV VJ) and Lisa Ling as the hosts.

I'm not going to liveblog this part. So, I'll see you in a twenty minutes.

Let the countdown begin...

Okay, I suppose I should be giving my thoughts on the preamble to the Academy Awards (aka the red carpet arrivals), but in order to do that I would have to change the channel from Dora the Explorer and I'm pretty sure my two year old nephew would fight me to the death in order to stop that from happening. So, let's just assume that there are some stunningly beautiful women and devastatingly handsome men strolling down the red carpet with some inane commentary from either Joan or Melissa Rivers, Billy Bush and Ryan Secrest (who is really growing on me). Some of the dresses will be fabulous and some will be downright embarrassing and all will be wearing some really expensive jewels.

Friday, February 23, 2007

And the nominees are...

Below is the official Oscar ballot (reformatted for easy blog reading). Nominees who I think will win will be noted with a W; nominees who I think should win will be denoted with a S. I have not seen all the films, so some of this will just be pure conjecture. But, still... it'll be fun. And, the Academy voters don't have to see all the films. Yeah, I know... thhey're supposed to, but they get the DVDs sent to them and they still can't manage to see them all? Pshaw..., I feel no guilt at all that I didn't shell out $10.50 a pop to see all the films nominated.

___Leonardo DiCaprio – BLOOD DIAMOND
___Ryan Gosling – HALF NELSON
W__Peter O’Toole – VENUS
I haven't seen any of the movies, but I hear that Forest Whitaker was just amazing in The Last King of Scotland. Still, I think Peter O'Toole has the sentimental vote sewn. I also hope that this is not the first nomination of Ryan Gosling's career. He is talented, and I've thought so since he first appeared on my radar as a guest star on the Canadian series, Flash Forward (which also introduced Ben Foster to American audiences).

___Jackie Earle Haley – LITTLE CHILDREN
___Djimon Hounsou – BLOOD DIAMOND
SW_Eddie Murphy – DREAMGIRLS
___Mark Wahlberg – THE DEPARTED
While it's cool that Jackie Earle Haley is back in the movie theaters after a couple of decades of absence (he was the Kelly Leak in the original Bad News Bears), I think Eddie Murphy has this in the bag. Not only does he have the paid his dues vote sewn up, but he was really good in a pretty good movie.

___Penélope Cruz – VOLVER
W__Helen Mirren – THE QUEEN
___Kate Winslet – LITTLE CHILDREN
Okay, I just want this stated... Meryl Streep was FANTASTIC as Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada. She made a blah movie into something really enjoyable. But... it was really a supporting role. And Helen Mirren was really good in The Queen and she's wrapping up all the awards. But, Judi Dench scared me in the commercials for her film.

___Adriana Barraza – BABEL
___Cate Blanchett – NOTES ON A SCANDAL
___Abigail Breslin – LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE
SW_Jennifer Hudson – DREAMGIRLS
___Rinko Kikuchi – BABEL
Jennifer Hudson was just great. And, yeah... maybe she hasn't had to pay her dues (which seems to be an issue with the Academy), but she had to be disparaged by Simon Cowell, and it's not like any of the other nominees (with the exception of Cate Blanchett) are household names.

Pixar just always seems to win these things, don't they? And while Cars has the Paul Newman factor, my nephews just adore Happy Feet, so I say... go Happy Feet!

Haven't seen any of these, but folks say that Children of Men is just gorgeous.

While the clothing of Prada and The Queen was great. Both were too modern to really take home the gold. I thought the period costumes of Dreamgirls (from the 60s through the 70s) were great, but with the aged Academy, it's probably still considered too modern, so I'll bet Marie Antoinette will win.

___UNITED 93
As Jon Stewart said last year... 3-6 Mafia has an Oscar before Marty Scorcese is crazy (though I did like their song), and I suspect that oversight will be remedied this year.

C'mon... who do you think is going to win... in Hollywood? Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. I think it will win. And iI think it should win. A) cause maybe Gore will declare himself a candidate for the presidency at the podium (how cool would that be?) And B) it'll make conservatives see red. And that's always good for a laugh.

Didn't see any of these, but I hear nothing but great things about Pan. And anytime you hear a foreign film be talked seriously about possibly being nominated for or even winning against English language films, it's usually a shoo-in.

Okay, seriously... I know nothing about this category. I threw darts.

W__“Listen” – DREAMGIRLS
___“Love You I Do” – DREAMGIRLS
___“Our Town” – CARS
___“Patience” – DREAMGIRLS
I just like Melissa Etheridge. And, I do think there is a real chance that the three Dreamgirls songs will split the vote too much... I just think that Beyonce singing (and kinda sorta co-writing) Listen is too much star power to the Academy. I also think that the Oscars will want to prove that they're not racist (because they didn't nominate the musical for Best Picture) by giving Dreamgirls several victories in the more minor categories.

I read an article about the folks in Recycled Life. It's about a poverty stricken group of folks who live on a land fill in Guatemala. It's a great story. But, the Academy loves tales of common folks overcoming diversity. So, I think Two Hands pulls it out.

Dreamgirls was just beautiful to watch. And I still think the Academy will want to make up for the lack of a Bes Picture nod.

I'm thinking Hollywood still hasn't forgiven Mel Gibson and even the folks at Sony didn't see Click, so I think Pan wins it in a walk.

___UNITED 93
In my mind, film editing and directing always go hand in hand, so since I'm picking Marty for director, I think his editing partner should win for The Departedalso. But, Babel had several separate stories to intercut together, so based on sheer complexity, Babel might win.

I loathed Pirates II. Loathed it wiht a passion. I want the 2 plus hours of my life back. To make matters worse I saw it in the theaters and wasted one of the last weekends I spent in LA seeing this drek. Stilll... the special effects in Superman were laughable. And, all of three people saw Poseidon, so holding my nose, I'm picking Pirates.

While there's a real possiblity that Flags and Letters will split the vote, I've just been hearing great things about Letters and I think they're gonna go home with something.

While I would love it if Borat wins something (seriously, how could Sasha Baron Cohen not get an acting nod?), I think there was too much improv involved for it to get a writing nomination. So, I'm putting my money on The Departed.

While there is an outside shot that Little Miss Sunshine gets the Best Picture prize, I think this is their best shot at a major award.

Always go with the musical in this category. You're gonna be right more often than not.

Did not see these and I know nothing about any of the movies, but anything about Israel or the Holocaust usually wins in their category. So, we'll see if the Middle East is close enough to keep that trend alive.

I really do think the Oscars are up in the air in most categories, especially Best Picture. All of these movies have won major awards, but I just think it's Scorcese's year. With the star power on screen and behind the camera... I think it's The Departed's to lose.

I actually did see The Little Matchgirl and it made me cry. The animation was simple, but befitting a classic.

Okay, so those are my picks and my thoughts. As I mentioned, there will be live blogging of the awards themselves and after the show, we'll see how I did.


there will be live blogging of the Academy Awards...

To check out the nominations...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

For people who like ice skating...

hear the rink at Rockerfeller Center is neat. Me? I've never actually attempted to ice skate on actual ice skates, and going by my experiences on both rollerblades and rollerskates, I have a sneaking suspicion I wouldn't be very good. Plus, ice hurts when you fall on it, so I'm just gonna stay on asphalt.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A little late but...

in honor of the anniversary of Benjamin Kubelsky's birth. On Feb. 14, 1894, a baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kubelsky of Waukegan, IL. As many middle class youth of the early 20th century did, he learned to play an instrument as a young boy and harbored dreams of becoming a professional musician. Entering vaudeville in his late teens, he played on the same bill as the Marx Brothers. First known professionally as Benny Kubelsky and then as Ben K. Bennie and finally as Jack Benny, where he headlined in vaudeville, was a mainstay on radio for over 20 years and was one of the first comedians to succesfully transition to television. He was one of the few comedians to realize that one could get laughs playing the straight man. I've said it before and I'll say it again, without The Jack Benny Show, there would have been no The Bob Newhart Show and Seinfeld.

So, one more time for old time's sake... "Now cut that out..."

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Live blogging the commercials...

is officially over, slo from now on, I will only pop up when there's a good comemrcial. So far, there have been two good commercials, a handful of mediocre commercials and many, many bleh commercials...

Commercial #12

Coke commercial with Nicholas Coster who was on Santa Barbara...

And Adam Vinitieri misses the field goal.... What are the odds..

Commercial #10

Missed it completely...

There was some Amazing Race, and HOw I Met YOur Mother commercials...

This live blogging isn't quite what I expected... I think I was expecting the commercials to be good or funny, but they just weren't and aren't.

Mabye in the second half they'll be better. If not, well then...

But I do gotta say that I am really digging the commercials that touch upon Black History Month, as well as the fact that regardless who wins the game, there will definitely be an African American coach who will be a Superbowl Champion.

Commerccial #8

Damn Yankees song with men in disease labels attacking a heart. I liked it.


GM. 1000,000 warranty - suicidal

Coke commercials in honoro Black History Month... Different bottles from different time periods honoring a specific moment in the civil rights movement.

Commercial #8 - missed it, but the visuals weren't

Doritos - blah...

Chevy - College Ad commercial - cute, but I don't know how long we'll be speaking about it...

Commercial #7

Budweiser... parade with models?

GPS system - Garmi n- while I like the system, I wasn't crazy about the robot man vs. the Map monster...

Big Brother - can't argue with the concept and I liked that hte coaches of the Colts and Bears were in it.

Grammy commercial... who will Justin T. sing with?

Commercial #6

Go = I still don't know what that site does. Is it just a

Coke commercial - in the vein of Grand Theft Auto video game - I really like this one, icnluding the Busby Berley vendors.

Commercial for CBS - since I like the channel, I like the shows.
Chevy cars... different singers/athletes. Kind of l iked this one.

Carlos Mencia... new spokesperson for Bud Light?


Late Show with David Letterman - Letterman with Oprah... each rooting for different team (Dave - Indy/Oprah - Chicago). First one I really liked.

Commercial #4

Snickers --- doing something manly... huh?

Schick Qutattro Titanium - in the gym.

Pride (the movie) - meh... something to do with swimming.


Still not crazy about the commercials.

COmmercial# 3

Toyota Trucks - about to go off a cliff....

I don't think there should be commercials where I don't understand.... I should be able to look away from the commercial and still know what is goingg on."

Fed Ex... In Space. Hit by comet...

Auction marriage - Bud Light.

So far I'm liking the Bud Light commercials.

And Amazing Race All Stars... Who hear hasn't thought that Rob and Amber have had their 45 minutes.

FUMBLE!!! Colts recover...

FUMBLE! Bears recover...

Next year a Domed stadium?

COmmercial# 3

Toyota Trucks - about to go off a cliff....

I don't think there should be commercials where I don't understand.... I should be able to look away from the commercial and still know what is goingg on."

Fed Ex... In Space. Hit by comet...

Auction marriage - Bud Light.

So far I'm liking the Bud Light commercials.

And Amazing Race All Stars... Who hear hasn't thought that Rob and Amber have had their 45 minutes.

FUMBLE!!! Colts recover...

FUMBLE! Bears recover...

Next year a Domed stadium?

Commercial Break #2

Sierra MIst - missed it.

Sales - The dotcom boom is over...

Sierra Mist - It is that refreshing.

Commercial break 1

Bud light - Rock, Paper Scissors - I'll admit it. I laughed.

Doritos.. Bad, kind of incomprehensible

Blockbuster Total Access - animals trying to use the mouse to get the movies from Blockbuster. I thought it was cute. It was memorable if nothing else.

7-0 Bears...

off of a 90 yards kick off return... Insane! Hester - #23... 90 yards!!!

Ford company...

Did Ford Motor Company just lay off a ton of people? Should they really be wasting all that money for a commercial?

And the kick off is about to occur, so finally Superbowl XLI is agonna start.

So far, I'm 0 for 1...

I apparently missed a really good commercial - known as the Chad Johnson superbowl commercial, but nobody I'm with knows what the commercial was about, so I'm stating that the good commercials aren't starting until kickoff.

Super Bowl XLI

So, much like I liveblogged the Golden Globes, I am going to attempt to liveblog the commercials for Superbowl XLI. I don't know how successful I will be, but let's just see how it goes.