Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Ellen in the audience

Ellen bypasses Clint Eastwood's wife so that Steven Spielberg can take a picture for her MySpace page...

SO FUNNY! She asks him to take two cause the first one didn't come out too well... Ha! Asking Spielberg for a redo. I love that he and Eastwood have good senses of humor.

Gwyneth introduces Best Cinematography... Is that her real hair? Or does she have extensions in?

Pan's Labyrinth wins... Got that one wrong. But again, I've seen none of these films, so I took a shot in the dark. And guessed wrong. Bah! And this Guillermo fellow is getting played off, and honestly his voice made me sleepy, so I'm not quite sure what he said.

And the dancers did Little Miss Sunshine and made a bus out of themselves.

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