Sunday, February 25, 2007

8 minutes to go...

so let's talk about the host. I'm expecting good things from Ellen Degeneres. She's always funny, which is good. As host of her own tv show, she knows how to keep things moving which is necessary for the Oscars. Am I slightly annoyed that Jon Stewart wasn't hired again? Yeah, but I don't think he was able to put his best foot forward last year, and he took so much time off of The Daily Show to prepare for hosting, that I guess I'm glad that he is devoting 100 percent of his energy to The Daily Show. Then again, he did make me laugh many times next year, but I expect Degeneres will do the same this year. Plus, the mere fact that she has a career makes large percentage of the religious right annoyed, and that gives me pleasure.

In short... while I don't think she'll be in Billy Crystal's league, I expect to be entertained.

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