Thursday, February 15, 2007

A little late but...

in honor of the anniversary of Benjamin Kubelsky's birth. On Feb. 14, 1894, a baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kubelsky of Waukegan, IL. As many middle class youth of the early 20th century did, he learned to play an instrument as a young boy and harbored dreams of becoming a professional musician. Entering vaudeville in his late teens, he played on the same bill as the Marx Brothers. First known professionally as Benny Kubelsky and then as Ben K. Bennie and finally as Jack Benny, where he headlined in vaudeville, was a mainstay on radio for over 20 years and was one of the first comedians to succesfully transition to television. He was one of the few comedians to realize that one could get laughs playing the straight man. I've said it before and I'll say it again, without The Jack Benny Show, there would have been no The Bob Newhart Show and Seinfeld.

So, one more time for old time's sake... "Now cut that out..."

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