Sunday, February 25, 2007

Best Documentary

(short subject)...

Haven't seen any of these, I'll admit. But, I read an article about Recycled Life and the story behind that is great.

And the Oscar goes to The Blood of Yingzhou District. Again, I know nothing about this and heard nothing about it, so it didn't even figure into my thinking. But, congrats go out to the winners.

And Jerry Seinfeld is introducing Best Feature documentary. As to what he has to do with the film industry, I have no idea. But, he's funny, so I'm being entertained and that's to the good. He's taking on the theater announcements that ask you to pick up your trash. I don't agree, but good for him for saying so...

And he finally gets to the nominees... I really have to see the rest of these movies...

But, Al Gore's films wins! Yay, An Inconvenient Truth... Run Al Run!! Davis Guggenheim is the producer and the weird looking guy that neither me nor my sister could place him. Go, Davis!

Now, run, Al run!!!

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