Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ellen Degeneres

was again very funny when she comes out and says that we're done and under time. Then she gets a voice in her earpiece saying that there are several awards left to present.

Philip Seymour Hoffman comes out to award the Best Actress Oscar...

While I love Meryl and hopes she wins, her role was not big enough to warrant a win in this category.

And the Oscar goes to... Helen Mirren... yeah... that's what I thought. And they're not wrong. Speeches are just more interesting when they're said by Brits. And, Aussies. And she gives a shout out to her fellow nominees (the only one to do so, I believe - well, maybe Adam Arkin did) and the filmmakers on The Queen. And then a shout out to Queen Elizabeth II.

And the dancers are back to do The Departed in the shape of a gun.

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