Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another commercial...

cause we haven't had enough of these. And while I liked the Apple ad the first time I saw it, by time #3, it's really beginning to lose something. This is why commercials shouldn't air more than once per show. That said, yes, I still do want an Apple Iphone, but no, I won't be switching to Cingular to get it.

Didn't Jon Stewart last year come out on time? Or, close to it?

Yes, we could have lost the Salute to America through the movies montage. Unless, the producers did it so they could point to their patriotism when pundits from the right went off on their awarding so many Oscars to Al Gore's film?

And with running so late, did we really need this brief comic interlude by Ellen? Though, it was really funny, I agree.

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