Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome back to the Modern Family Awards...

or, so sayeth Jane Lynch. She introduces Charlie Sheen (who she was a therapist for).

Wishes the folks at Two and a Half Men nothing but the best for the upcoming season. They spent 8 wonderful years together and he knows they will continue to make great television.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory

Oh, yay! I didn't think he'd win, but I do like him lots. He seems surprised to have won and gives a special shout out to Johnny Galecki.

Sophia Vergara and Rob Lowe come out to introduce Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy. They do a bit on how thick Lucy's accent was to Sophia growing up.

As they announce the nominees they each stand up and walk onstage. Amy Poehler got to go first and that must have been a bit of a moment for her until everyone in the audience got what was happening. And the women in the crowd stand up and start applauding. And now everyone is standing. Rob Lowe reminds them that no matter what happens, they're all winners.

And Melissa McCarthy wins. Whoah... I did not see that coming. And all the women surround her and kiss her and Rob Lowe gives her a tiara and roses, as Sofia puts the statue in her hand. She yells at the countdown clock and thanks her husband. And she starts to cry. She's from Plainfield, IL and to be standing there is kind of amazing.

That was very well done.

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