Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drama - Directing and supporting actor

Loretta Devine and Paul McCrane (winners of Best Guest Actor and Actress in a Drama) come out to present...

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

Martin Scorcese wins for Boardwalk Empire (first win).
He has to talk even faster due to the count-down.

It's kind of hard to hear the Voice over guy who gives a brief fact, but I feel like they're funny. And, no, closed captioning doesn't help, because the captioner seems to miss every other sentence.

Kerry Washington and Jason O'Mara come out to read the list of side effects. Swelling of the ego, etc.

And now they introduce...

Outstanding Supporting actor in a drama series...

Peter Dinklage wins for Game of Thrones. I really have to watch this show. And the other nominees seem genuinely happy for him (except for Andre Braugher - who I continue to adore). I like that they had lowered the mic stand even before he got there. He is speaking very deliberately Gives a nice shout out to his dog sitter and the other nominees.

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