Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mini-series and Movies (Writing and Supporting Actress)

The Emmy-Tones are interrupted by LL Cool J who raps about movies and mini-series...

And the cast of Entourage explains why Jane Lynch is a lesbian announce the mini-series and movies category.

First up, writing... And the winner is Julian Fellows for Downtown Abby. Sorry, Stephen Moffat (though I do enjoy Sherlock).

And, it's true... Also thanks the American industry. Ten years ago it kicked off his second career with an Oscar and now it's nurtured it with an Emmy. British accents make everything sound better, even traditional thank you speeches.

And now, Best Supporting Actress in a movie or mini-series...

Dame Maggie Smith wins, but is unable to be there.

Wow, the cast of Entourage is tiny as the model/actress who is ushering them off-stage towers over them all.

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