Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Jersey and Drama (Lead Actress; Lead Actor)

Jane Lynch as a typical NJ resident who has made it her business to get Jersey in as much television as possible.

She takes credit for Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Jersey Couture (Oxygen shout-out!)

And, now Bryan Cranston and Katie Holmes come out to announce Lead Actress in a Drama...

Connie Britton gets the loudest applause, but...

Julianna Marguilies wins. She wins for the 7th time...

Gives a shout out to the other nominees and then goes straight into thanking the producers, writers, cast, crew, agents, etc. She's clearly won before. But, that's okay, cause she's adorable. And, I don't think her dress is that bad. I'm kind of confussed by it, but it's not hideous.

And now Minka Kelly, Drew Barrymore and two others from the Charlies Angels announce Best Actor in a Drama..

And again, the FNL actor gets a strong applause, but not as much as

And, Kyle Chandler wins! Minka Kelly was so happy for him. AWESOME!!

Very awesome!! So, awesome!! No, I don't know the guy, but he's awesome. And, he didn't think he'd win, so he didn't write a speech. Thanks all the usual suspects, including the good folks at Austin, TX.

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