Sunday, September 18, 2011

Comedy Awards...

Major props to the intro. clips for including never-to-be nominated Psych.

And, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel come out to introduce and both admit that they know The Daily Show is going to win. And, Kimmel tackles Fallon to great laughter and grabs Fallon's speech and reads it aloud. He thanks all you'd expect and then at the end, he thanks Jimmy Kimmel for always being there for him. And then Jimmy Fallon announces "the nominees," and promptly tackles Jimmy Kimmel.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series...

Julie Bowen wins for Modern Family! I'm surprised. I would have put money on Sofia V. winning. And, just like that, I'm out of my pool. Dagnabit!

Juliana Marguilies comes out saying she's the funniest woman on television (said in a monotone). Says it's a pretty strong category, It's got that kid from Glee, that guy from Pretty In Pink and then four guys from Modern Family. If someone from Modern Family wins, that set is going to be awkward. Now, that is a good line.

And Ty Burrell wins. From Modern Family!! Wow, I'm getting slaughtered this year. I really, really thought that they would split the vote. He's giving a really nice speech. Says he got a late start in the business and his dad passed away before he ever saw him act. His father would just have a problem with the makeup, so he would tell his father to just think of him as a very masculine lady and to that he is sure his dad would reply, that he does. Okay, clearly my typing is not doing it justice, but it was a lovely speech.

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