Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mini-series and Movies (Actor

Anna Rotv and David Boreanaz come out to introduce Best Actor in a Movie or Mini-series.

Guy Pearce wins for Mildred Pierce (no relation). Shares award with Kate Winslet (who he got to have sex with Kate Winslet countless times). Also thanks his wife. Love his Australian accent. Thanks the cast and crew and Todd Haimes in particular.

Hugh Laurie and Clare Danes come out to introduce winner of Outstanding Actress in Movie or Mini-series.

And the winner is Kate Winslet. I'm not at all surprised. Oh, and Evan Rachel Wood runs down the aisle to hug her. That's cute. She hugs a very tall Hugh Laurie. She gives credit to Todd Haimes, HBO, the cast. And shares it with her mum, and says she'll never stop need her mum. Love the Britts.

Up next is Best Drama. Wow, they are making excellent time.

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