Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Picture

So, Seth McFarlane introduced Jack Nicholson to introduce Michelle Obama?  I love them both, but did both really need to do this? And then she tosses it back to him to repeat the names?  Really?

– “Amour,”- Loved this movie, but it wrecked me.  Seriously, wrecked me. It's one of those movies that I'm glad I saw, but will never sit through again.
– “Argo," - My favorite movie of the nine.  Had my interest from the opening to the closing credits.
– “Beasts of the Southern Wild"- The girl was great. The imagery was interesting, but maybe because I saw it as the first of 5 movies, starting at 10am., I was just in the wrong head-space because it was just good.  The girl, however, was fantastic.
– “Django Unchained" - Not a huge Tarantino fan, but I quite enjoyed this one. He does have a way with dialogue, certain words not withstanding. Plus, the cast was fabulous, some credit does go to the director. Special shout-out to Christoph Waltz who was just phenomenal.
– “Les Miserables,”- I was looking forward to this movie for nearly 20 years since I first heard about the Les Mis movie rumors. Seriously, there is an ad in the Playbill I got when I saw the show when I was 16 touting the upcoming movie. I saw this film twice. Loved it the first time, but it lost some luster the second.  However, Russell Crowe improved somewhat the second time around.
– “Life of Pi,”- Visually great, and enjoyable, but that's all.
– “Lincoln,”- Gotta say, I was somewhat disappointed. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing, but I was left somewhat wanting by the film. Also, I'm still mad on Connecticut's behalf.
– “Silver Linings Playbook,” - Loved this movie. Would not be upset if this won. I put Argo a few ahead, because it took me a bit to fall into the movie, but once I did, I was gone. Jennifer Lawrence was ridiculous. So good.
– “Zero Dark Thirty” - Enjoyed this more than the rest of the folks in my group, because it was just an exciting ride.

And the Oscar goes to...

I liked that the first producer thanked Ben Affleck as the director, acknowledging the snub.  But Affleck still got an Oscar, so I can't feel too bad And, I liked Ben's speech.

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