Sunday, September 20, 2009

T-116 minutes until the 2009 Primetime Emmys.

Yes, I am expecting good things from this Awards Ceremony. And, my picks are below... Note: These are just the main categories. I'll probably get to the slightly less main categories within the live-blog itself. And, this seems to be a particularly strong year in that there were few categories where there were clear-cut winners. And, in several categories, I basically had to flip a coin. Though I will say that sometimes I went with my heart and not my head (see: Jim Parsons for Big Bang Theory over Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock).

I am not at all sure what happened to the formatting, but I refuse to delve into html hell while I'm recovering from a migraine. It's still readable, so that's good enough for me.

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All • Song Title: Much Worse Things •

2. Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

How I Met Your Mother • Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson

3. Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

Saturday Night Live • Kristen Wiig as Various Characters

I really wanted to choose Kristen Chenoweth for Pushing Daisies, but it was on so

infrequently through the latter portion of the season, that I just don't think the

votes are there. But, get Ms. Chenoweth on tv or back on the Broadway stage


4. Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Yeah, this was another flipping the coin thing. Michael Emerson was fabulous as

Ben in Lost, but John Slattery steals every scene he's in. So, expecting Mad Men

to come home with several trophies, I'm giving it to Mr. Slattery.

Mad Men John Slattery as Roger Sterling

5. Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Another go with the heart or head thing. I Cherry Jones in everything she does. Seriously,

the lady is an amazing actress. Also, I dig how she used to ride her bicycle to the theater

when she was in The Heiress. But, since that really has nothing to do with her performance

on 24 (though, she had the chops), I'll go with my head and choose Chandra Wilson on Grey's

because Emmy likes her and let's face it, she was one of the only things worth watching

on the ABC drama this season.

Grey's Anatomy • Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey

6. Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

I really, really want Jim Parsons to win. Talk about a breakout character. He's fabulous. But, he's a first-time nominee against the powerhouse that is Alec Baldwin. So, while Mr. Baldwin will probably win, I'm still choosing Jim Parsons, because The Big Bang Theory should win something, dagnabit!

The Big Bang Theory • Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper

7. Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Mad Men • Jon Hamm as Don Draper

8. Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

30 Rock • Tina Fey as Liz Lemon

9. Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Damages • Glenn Close as Patty Hewes

10. Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program

The Amazing Race • Phil Keoghan, Host

11. Outstanding Reality – Competition Program

The Amazing Race • CBS

12. Outstanding Made For Television Movie

Grey Gardens • HBO

13. Outstanding Comedy Series

How I Met Your Mother • CBS

30 Rock • NBC

14. Outstanding Drama Series

Mad Men • AMC

15. Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series

This is like choosing between two children (or which one of my nieces and nephews is my favorite). I just can't. So, instead, I say that the 11P-12A hour on Comedy Central will win. Thank you.

The Colbert Report • Comedy Central

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart • Comedy Central

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