Sunday, September 20, 2009

From the Ausiello Files at

Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris will "headline a Dr. Horrible-themed production number about midway through Sunday’s ceremony."

If you haven't seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and written/directed by Joss Whedon during last year's writer's strike, you have missed a pop culture touchstone. Also, if you missed NPH hosting this year's Tony Awards, you also missed something grand. Basically, if Mr. Harris is going to be singing a little ditty, you owe it to yourself to watch. His song recapping the Emmys (written by the talented team who gave us Hairspray - Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman) made up for a rather lackluster telecast (not NPH's fault - he just wasn't on screen enough).

While I don't think the Primetime Emmys are in danger of being relegated to the interwebs, like their Daytime counterparts, and it's not like it has to be that spectacular a show to improve upon last year's travesty (hosted by reality tv hosts), I do have high hopes that we're going to see something special tonight.

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