Sunday, September 20, 2009

61st Emmy Awards wrap-up

Okay, Neil Patrick Harris should host every award show. Aside from the opening number, there were few watercooler moments, but it moved quickly and was mostly moderately enjoyable, with a dash of highly enjoyable here and there.

there were some surprises, like Kristin Chenoweth winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy and Cherry Jones winning Best Supporting Actress in a drama, but there lots more, yeah, we expected that like Grey Gardens winning.

The In Memorium was tasteful and better than last year in that you could at least see who had passed away, rather than just guessing.

Though I do wish there was a lot more Neil Patrick Harris. He seemed to disappear after the Dr. Horrible bit. Maybe, the Emmys were just taking to heart the axiom to always leave them wanting more, but I wanted more NPH, dagnabit! I also thought the Dr. Horrible bit should have been a little longer.

In short, good show. After the success of his hosting gig on the Tonys and Emmys, dare I hope the Oscars will be making calls to his agent in the morning?

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