Sunday, September 20, 2009

Direction/Writing for a Dramatic Series

Oh, the singer of "I Will Remember You" was Sarah Mclachlan

In the creative emmys, they gave out awards for Outstanding Guest Actress/Actor for a Dramatic series...

Guest Actress
Brenda Blethlyn
Carol Burnett
Ellen Burstyn
CCH Pounder

Guest Actor
Ed Asner
Ernest Borgnine
Ted Danson
Michael J. fox
Jimmy Smits

Won by Ellen Burstyn and Michael J. Fox who presented the next award... Outstanding Direction for a drama series...

The winner was Rod Holcombe for ER. He couldn't be there, so they accepted the award on his behalf.

They also gave out the awards for Outstanding Writing for a Dramatic series:
How dramatic was writing for a dramatic series. Funny bits showing how dramatic or not dramatic it is to be in a room with the same people for 12 hours a day for 7 months.

The winner was a writing duo for Mad Men. Yay... I like that show.

Matthew Weiner is funny. Thanks the cast/crew, the folks at AMC and Lion's Gate for giving him complete creative freedom. Also, gives some advice to aspiring writers. They are the guys at Starbucks.

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