Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best Drama Series

And, Sigourney Weaver (who still looks amazing) presents...

Argues that we're experiencing a golden age of tv drama...

Big Love
Breaking Bad
Mad Men

Wow, only two of these shows are on broadcast tv.

And the Emmy goes to Mad Men. I approve. The show received 16 nominations this year. Wow. that's a lot. Matthew Weiner does not sound like an ass, which is nice when you've won as many times as he has. Thanks his management and then thanks the cast/crew to the extent that he tells the teleprompter that he'll wrap up in just a moment. Says that he works as hard as he does for the viewers.

NPH signs out by congratulating the winners, telling the losers to hold their heads high and saying that he hopes to see us on broadcast television next year.

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