Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sound Awards

The Aussies are together again, as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman present the sound awards. That was an amazing medley of great movie music.

Best Original Score

Social Network won...

Huh... I don't recall the music being overwhelming, but I'm usually not the most aurally aware. Though I do remember being surprised that Trent Reznor scored a movie. Though, I just looked on IMDB and he's done a lot of tv/film compositions.

Sound Mixing

I don't know what Matthew McConaghay said, but it made Kathy (who I'm watching with) groan.

Inception (Lora Hirschberg, Garry Rizzo, Ed Novick) won.

Yay, a woman won a techie award, which is rare. But, she doesn't get to speak (though she did mention that the sound crew were union folk).And the speaker did make mention that this award was for Chris Nolan (cause you know, he didn't get the director nomination).

Union count #2

Achievement in Sound Editing
Inception (Richard King)
Owes this 100% to Chris Nolan. Fair enough.

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