Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Memorium

Celine Deion is singing a song over the In Memorium and I just don't like it.

But, I do appreciate that they seem to have cut the mikes of the audience, so there's no applause, or you can't hear the applause.

Still, it's so sad seeing all the great ones (and good ones) who have passed on this year.

And, Lena Horne gets the last spot. I was confused as to why she was only on the screen for a half a second, but it's because she got her own special section, introduced by Halle Berry that included a brief bio and song.

While, very nice, the placement of this was odd. It seems to minimize the importance of the previous people who had passed on. I feel like when they do these special In Memoriums, it's usually not attached to the regular one.


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