Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best Supporting Actress...

Awww... I like Kirk Douglas. He had his Bar Mitzvah (or a Bar Mitzvah) at the age of 83. And, while the stroke clearly affected his speech, it did not effect his sense of humor.

Okay, he's going on a bit, but still, can you blame him? He's old.
And the Oscar goes to...

Melissa Leo. Yay!! SHe looks shocked. And, shook Amy Adams' hand. And bowed to Kirk Douglas. Awww.... I'm so happy for the Homicide alum. And flirts with Kirk Douglas...


And, I like her speech. She's also taking it all in. Waves to the folks up in the cheap seats. And gets bleeped for cursing. Awww... Thanks the folks who the movie portrayed. And her family and friends.

Just full of win.

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