Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scientific and Technical Awards

Marisa Tomei gives a recap of the science and technical awards, James Franco gives a shout out to the nerds and then Cate Blanchett comes out to announce Achievement in Makeup.

The Wolfman (which Cate Blanchett called "gross") wins. Though, I think she meant that in the nicest way possible. One of the winners said that it was always his ambition to lose an Oscar to Rick Baker, but this was better (as Rick lost to him this year).

Best Achievement in Costume design

Alice in Wonderland - yeah, I can see that. Wow, having to transverse stairs in heels on national television is completely mean. Oh, she wrote a speech. That's nice to see and leads you to not have to apologize for forgetting your husband's name after the fact. Though, she apparently writes very small, as that is not a large piece of paper and she's been speaking for a while. And, now she's getting the playoff music. Booo... lead the winners speak.

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