Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best Picture...

I miss the interspersed introductions that occur over the course of the evening. This montage over the sound of Colin Firth's final speech in The King's Speech is (as with the rest of the telecast) underwhelming.

And the winner is...

The Kings Speech (which I'm okay with, as I would have been okay with The Social Network).

I like that they brought up the actors and director with them. They didn't have to and it's nice that they were able to focus their thanks directly to the people themselves.

The final guy was about to get played off just as he thanks the UK Film Council. But, they lowered the volume.

James Franco realizes he's too good for this.

And, the kids from PS 22 play us out to the words of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This is ... cute, but not sure why this is on my tv screen now. And all the winner come back onstage for one final round of applause. And Melissa Leo sings along with the kids. She rocks!

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