Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Academy Awards: The Recap...

And, so the 85th Annual Academy Awards have come to a close.

I'd give it a C+. There was just such low energy throughout the entire night, save when a few individual presenters livened things up (Scorcese ! Robert Downey, Jr., Ferrell and Galifinakis). In a night that was supposed to be about fans and creators love of movies, there seemed to be a lack of movie clips. We saw actors talk about their favorite films, but I would much rather see the clips rather than hear, with a shorter voice over).

I was glad The Artist won, and was surprised that Hugo won most of the tech awards.

I was sad that Viola Davis won, but happy not sad that Meryl Streep did. I'm also glad that Octavia Spencer took home the statue. Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) took home an Oscar, becoming the oldest performer to do so, as did Jean Dujardin (significantly younger, but with a killer French accent).

The Death Montage was nicely understated, but I still miss the Governor's Award presentation on the big telecast.

I had high hopes for Billy Crystal (and maybe that was my fault, as my hopes could have been too high). Aside from the opening montage (where he inserted himself into various films), nothing he did stuck out. Though, he seemed to find himself awfully funny, so there's that. yay to all the other winners.

However, yay to all the winners. Like I've said, it was a good season for movies (though I do wish Harry Potter had filled that 10th slot for Best Picture nominees).

Now, I don't know how one gets in the Academy, but lets hope for some additional diversity in the coming years, so it becomes less old, white male

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