Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Lead Actor...

More actors talking about movies, only this time coming out of commercial. I think that's the first time this has happened. This time they're talking about how hard it is to make films.

Billy Crystal needs to stop laughing at his own jokes.

Natalie Portman is introducing the Best Actor nominees individually. Which is sweet, but I'm kind of ready for the show to be over.

Okay, it's dragging. I'm ready for this bit to be over.
For this they cut out the Governor's Awards? Bah! Or the Best Song performances? Double Bah!
And, Jean Dujardin wins for The Artist! I totally called that. He loves our country. And apparently we love him. Actually, we really do.

Apparently, the first Oscars ceremony only lasted 15 minutes. Good to know.

Also, he's got a killer French accent when he speaks English and I really wish I could speak French when he speaks French.

I'm a whopping 8-22.

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