Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Supporting Actress...

So weird hearing Christian Bale speak with his native accent. The only movies I've seen him use it in were when he was a kid (Henry V and Empire of the Sun).

Jessica Chastain's reaction with her mom was adorable.

And the winner is... Octavia Spencer. Wow!

I said that Melissa McCarthy would win, but wouldn't be sad if Octavia Spencer did. And, I'm not sad. But, I am 1-6.

Do they always give standing ovations when people win? I can't recall seeing that for the acting categories.

Allison Janney gets a shout out. And so does Spielberg. What did she do with Steven Spielberg?

45 minutes in, I feel like this is a very low-energy Oscars. It feels very meh. As my friend Kathy pointed out, it did start out with several awards that the general audience doesn't really care about.


Sharon Aiuvalasit said...

Speilberg produced the help.

harx1 said...

Ahhh! Thanks! That was really bothering me.