Sunday, March 07, 2010

Alec and Steve... together again...

Any comments on Alec's most recent with the paparazzi?

Guess not.

And, poor Meryl. Most losses. She is the Lucci of Oscars. Except for the fact that she actually won a few.

Okay, they're actually kind of funny. Look, there's that Damn Helen Mirren. No Steve, that's the Dame Helen Mirren.

Steve Martin pulling out The Jerk. What a Call-back.

Okay, I'm kind of digging these one-liners. It's somewhat different for the Oscars.

Though, even if people are drawn in by the Oscars, how much are the ratings going to suffer due to the ABC-Cablevision fiasco?

George Clooney does not look happy. But, it might be a bit.

Okay, it's a bit. Still, was he supposed to be glowering whenever the camera went to him?

Taylor did not look like he expected to be on camera.

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