Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don Cheadle introduces Scottsboro Boys

This was a musical I really wish I had seen when it was running. Maybe I'll be somewhere where the National Tour is running.

Wow, all of these actors have such amazing voices. I wish they would put up the names of the folks singing, as I'd love to follow their careers. Off to wikipedia I go (during the break, of course).

I wish there were ways for these more somber productions to have more of a life on Broadway, though I guess I am part of the problem, as I didn't go see it because I couldn't bring myself to see a somber musical (even though it clearly wasn't somber all the way through, as that was a pretty upbeat song). Bah, there's got to be a way for musicals to get past preconceived notions, such as a musical about the Scottsboro case is going to be somber, which is true, but the music is clearly not. More commercials? Do shows even have money for tv commercials?

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