Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finally, I can end my candlelight vigil...

Our long national nightmare is over... After 3 days (though she is getting credit for five), Paris Hilton is out of prison.

She is apparently getting out because of psychological issues she experienced in prison. I'm currently watching the press conference (on both CNN and MSNBC), and she actually gets credit for 5 days, as they include today (even though it was really early) and the day she went in (even though it was late). The reporters are not happy, it seems.

She is under house arrest for 40 days. A reporter just brought up a good question... When Martha Stewart was on house arrest, she was allowed to leave the house for business, but Paris Hilton's business is going to parties. So, will she be allowed to leave her house to go to parties? The spokesguy didn't know; it's apparently a question for the LA Sheriff's department.

And for some reason, I'm just speechless...

Monday, June 04, 2007

My, how MTV has fallen...

I freely admit that I have been out of the target MTV demographic for nearly a decade, but I still find myself watching the channel at work. We only get a dozen channels, and there are only so many times I can watch The Real Housewives of the OC on Bravo. This afternoon I watched almost two full episodes of My Super Sweet 16 and marvelled as to how much I loathed the protagonists. And then I felt bad because a) it's their birthday and b) they're 16. But then I stopped feeling bad because I'm pretty sure I would have loathed them even more when I was 16. Because, my G-d, have you seen that show? Anyway, since I do try to keep up with pop culture, I DVR'd the MTV Movie Awards, but... I haven't been able to bring myself to watch them yet. Instead, I'm reading the recap on TWOP. What do you think? Is that a sign as to how far MTV has fallen?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Old photos of February peace rally...

This is from February '07... Thank goodness I upgraded and got the 1 GB memory card, otherwise I would not have gotten quite so many pictures of quite so many signs...

DC peace rally
(c) Kerri L. Berney 2007

R.I.P. Steve Gilliard: 1966-2007

I never met Steve Gilliard, in fact I only heard of him a few years ago when I stumbled upon his blog,, but in a short time, I became a huge fan. He was a New Yorker, a liberal, a soccer aficianado and a die-hard fan of the New York Mets. Shortly after I first read him, he became a regular stop on my daily blog reading. Whenever I wanted a local perspective of a national issue, he was there. And of course, he was more than just a New York view on national issues. As a student of history, he could always be counted on to bring a new perspective on the history of the Middle East, historically, politically and militarily. I rarely commented on his blog, because either he or someone else would say what I wanted to say faster and more eloquently than I ever could. But, for the past three or four years, I was always there as a reader, often nodding my head in agreement to what I was reading.

And, as Steve would say... PUCK the Yankees (though he would have no trouble using the vernacular, as he was not afraid to mince words).

Steve, you will be missed, and I offer my most heartfelt sympathies to those friends and family (of which there are many), who knew and loved him.