Sunday, June 03, 2007

R.I.P. Steve Gilliard: 1966-2007

I never met Steve Gilliard, in fact I only heard of him a few years ago when I stumbled upon his blog,, but in a short time, I became a huge fan. He was a New Yorker, a liberal, a soccer aficianado and a die-hard fan of the New York Mets. Shortly after I first read him, he became a regular stop on my daily blog reading. Whenever I wanted a local perspective of a national issue, he was there. And of course, he was more than just a New York view on national issues. As a student of history, he could always be counted on to bring a new perspective on the history of the Middle East, historically, politically and militarily. I rarely commented on his blog, because either he or someone else would say what I wanted to say faster and more eloquently than I ever could. But, for the past three or four years, I was always there as a reader, often nodding my head in agreement to what I was reading.

And, as Steve would say... PUCK the Yankees (though he would have no trouble using the vernacular, as he was not afraid to mince words).

Steve, you will be missed, and I offer my most heartfelt sympathies to those friends and family (of which there are many), who knew and loved him.

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