Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finally, I can end my candlelight vigil...

Our long national nightmare is over... After 3 days (though she is getting credit for five), Paris Hilton is out of prison.

She is apparently getting out because of psychological issues she experienced in prison. I'm currently watching the press conference (on both CNN and MSNBC), and she actually gets credit for 5 days, as they include today (even though it was really early) and the day she went in (even though it was late). The reporters are not happy, it seems.

She is under house arrest for 40 days. A reporter just brought up a good question... When Martha Stewart was on house arrest, she was allowed to leave the house for business, but Paris Hilton's business is going to parties. So, will she be allowed to leave her house to go to parties? The spokesguy didn't know; it's apparently a question for the LA Sheriff's department.

And for some reason, I'm just speechless...

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