Sunday, September 30, 2007


Alright, I suppose I should admit up front that I wasn't what one might call a religious viewer of Heroes last year. I watched the first four episodes and really enjoyed them, but then real life took over and it became too complicated a series to follow. It's the same problem I had with Lost last season. Since I really enjoyed the first episode this season, I suppose I'll have to catch up on Season 1 through the DVDs.

I watched the first episode with Seema, who as an avid viewer of Season 1, had to deal with my non-stop questions. Not that she actually answered any of them. But I'd paid enough attention to the various pop culture shows that discussed the show that I had a pretty good idea as to what was going on.

Heroes is, above all, a fun show. It's very reminiscent of (depending on your age) comic books or the old kiddie serials you used to be able to catch in movie theaters back in the 30s and 40s. The actors, for the most part are great, and due to its serial nature, the viewer gets a chance to really get to know the characters and to form an attachment to them. Like Lost (which, yes, I know did get better at the end of last season), Heroes ended the season with plenty of questions and while none were really answered with the first episode we got the sense of moving forward. And, we got the addition of David Anders (fka Sark from Alias)... In addition to Sark, we have the new friend of Claire's who can fly, the immigrants from South America, one of whom seems to have the ability to kill people, which does not mesh well for her religious upbringing. And, we have Hiro! Who remains as adorable as ever.

All, in all, I can't wait for episode 2.

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