Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music skins

So, it’s no secret that I’m an Obama fan. A little less than I was on election night on at the inauguration, but when I think what might have been, I just tell myself that I’m sure the president has a fan. I’m also a fan of my Iphone. It’s what I always dreamed of when I was younger creating the perfect technological advancement. A gadget that is a phone, computer, video player and television (thank you slingbox app)? Assuming I’m always someplace that has wifi, I’m pretty much set. And, now with my Iphone, I can show my Obama-love (or my Mets fandom or my Tupac appreciation) through Music skins - an easily removable decal you can stick on the back of your Iphone (or Blackberry, Palm, Ipod, any number of cel phones, e-readers or personal computers). There are an impressive number of decals to choose from, and the choices encompass a large breadth of the music world (though, no Bruce Springsteen, I’m sorry to say), fashion, art, and media. You can also upload your own image (assuming you own the rights). The decals are easy to take on and off and seem quite durable. I am quite happy with my Obama skin, so until they come out with a Springsteen skin, I don’t have cause to remove it. Prices range from $15 (for phones) to $35 (for game consoles).

Full disclosure: I received my music skin gratis, but that had no bearing on whether I liked it or not.

Picture coming soon.

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