Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great evening all around...

We had the Mavs take out the Heat in the NBA Finals...

A fine Tonys broadcast that only went two minutes over.

The Glee Project premiered on Oxygen.

And Vh1 had new episodes of Mob Wives, Audrina and Saddle Ranch.

Neil Patrick Harris is adorable...

but he shouldn't rap.


Okay, maybe he should.


It's really more slam poetry than rapping. And, he sold it.

It helps that it was really funny, and heartfelt.

Chris Rock introduces Best Musical

He comes out with... If you had told me two years ago that I would miss the Best basketball game ever to hang out with Nathan Lane, I'd have told you, you were crazy. And yet, here I am...

Book of Mormon
Catch Me if You Can
Scottsboro Boys
Sister Act

And the winner is...

Book of Mormon.

Trey Parker accepts. We did this because we all secretly wanted to be part of a big happy Mormon family, and now we are.

He had to thank the co-writer who passed away. Joseph Smith. We did it!

Catherine Zeta Jones introduce

In a play...

Brian Bedford - Importance of Being Earnest
Bobby Canavale - Mother$@()@ with a Hat
Joe Matello - Normal Heart
Al Pacino - Mercant of Venis
Mark Rylance - Jerusalem

This was always a fight between Mark Rylance and Joe Mantello. And the winner is Mark Rylance. He previously won in 2008 for Boeing, Boeing, a show I saw, but he was out that day. He is considered one of the great actors of his generation, and one I am determined to see one day. Hopefully, in Jerusalem. Loved his speech, even if I didn't quite get it.

In a musical...
Norbert Leo Butz - Catch Me If You Can
Josh Gad - Book of Mormon
Joshua Henry - Scottsboro Boys
Andrew Rannells - Book of Mormon
Tony Sheldon - Priscilla Queen of the Desert

So, the scuttlebutt on the street is that the two Book of Mormon actors split the vote. I've Norbert in a few things and he's great. I did not realize that Terrence McNally wrote the book. Huh... I like him.

Paul Schaefer

introduces the original Weather Girl Martha Walsh to sing It's Raining Men.

He got his start in the Canada production of Godspell.

And, the cast of Priscilla the Queen of the Desert joins her onstage, as this song figures prominently in the show.

I was wondering why she was brought onstage, though she was fabulous.

I won tickets to Priscilla in a silent auction to benefit New Alternatives (a group that helps GLBTQ young people get a start in life). To donate to this great cause, click here...

And, it's not fair that drag queens who are already taller than me wear heels better than me, as well. Then again, they practice more than I do.

Daniel Radcliffe introduces... Best Actress nominees

In a Play
Nina Arianda
Frances McDormand
Lily Rabe
Vanessa Redgrave
Hannah Yelland

And the winner is Frances McDormand. Wow, this is her first win and only second nomination ever (in 1988 for Streetcar Named Desire). She spends the entire time thanking her other cast members and saying how great her playwright is. And, then she thanks her family (who watched her come and go for 30 years with funny wigs and dialects).

In a Musical
Sutton Foster
Beth Level
Patina Miller
Donna Murphy

And the winner is Sutton Foster. Second win (last won for Thoroughly Modern Millie). After thanking her current love Bobby Canavale and his son, she thanks her dresser who has been with her for 6 years, as he's leaving to pursue his dreams of being an artist in Cape Cod.

Tyne Daly introduces the In Memorium, starting with...

Arthur Laurents
Michael Langham
Michael Gough
Eleln Stewart
James Gammon
Marcia Lewsi Bryan
Jill Clayburgh
Sidnesy Michaels
Hillard Elkins
Betty Garrett
Tom Bosely
Pam Gems
Israel Hicks
Shannon Tavarez
Douglas Leeds
Marian Mercer
Patrical Neal
Arthur Penn
Beverly Randolph
John Willis
Elizabeth Taylor
Jerry Bock
Tehoni V. Aldredge
Philip Rose
Romulus Linney
John Cossette
Alexander Speer
Sada Thompson
Helen Stenborg
Randall Wregitt
Landford Wilson
Joseph Stein

This is always nice, but I really wish the audience would hold their applause until the end.

Kelsey Grammer announces Best Revival of a Musical...

Anything Goes
How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

And the winner is Anything Goes...

Were there really only two revivals this year? Wow..

Okay, I'll see this show. Maybe half-price tickets are available at the TKTS booth. I might as well take advantage of working a block away.

Christie Brinkley introduces a scene from Company

(soon coming to a movie theater near you)...

Side by Side (with Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton, Patti LuPone, Jon Cryer, Christina Hendrickson)...

I saw this onstage at Lincoln Center, but I think I might go see it again, to see what I missed sitting in the cheap seats.

James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave get standing O

Well deserved. Always...

How great a voice does James Earl Jones have? Also, Vanessa Redgrave...

And now we have clips from the various plays...

Missed a few in the beginning, but here was a list of just a few of the people you could have seen on stage this season...

Denis O'Hare
Cherry Jones
Frances McDormand
Keifer Sutherland
Vanessa edgrave
Mark Rylance
Robin Williams
Pee Wee Herman
Judith Light
Ben Stiller
Brian Bedrord
Chris Rock
David Hyde Peirce
Ellen Barkin
Patrick Stewart
Kathleen Turner

Lifetime Achievement Awards given off camera...

Can't PBS pick up the first hour of the Tonys or was this all streaming online somewhere?

Joel Grey introduces Anything Goes...

My nephew really wants to see this. Although I know it's a classic American show, for whatever reason, it's not one of my favorite musicals, so i've put off seeing this, but this production of the tile tune is making me change my mind. Who doesn't love a good tap number? Plus, I totally agree with the Sutton Foster love and I adore me some Joel Grey.

Samuel L. Jackson announces Best Play

But first, NPH says he saw the casts of Sister Act and Book of Mormon get in a fistfight. Oh my G-ds.

I NEED to see Sam L. Jackson as MLK, Jr. in Mountaintop whenever it opens.

But, anyway, the nominees are...

Good People
The Mother@$@# with a Hat
War Horse

And the winner is... War Horse. I'm kind of surprised. I haven't seen any of these, except The Mother with a Hat, but I've heard mixed things about War Horse and haven't about Jerusalem. Both are English imports though.

And, now I have to see it.

Google's It Gets Better Commercial...

Great commercial to air during the Tony Awards.

Last years Best Musical winner Memphis performs...

Look, I agree that the Tony Awards use this night to sell themselves, but if one of the performances were cut down, maybe they can play up the Best Play nominees or you know, put some of the non-televised awards back on television.

That said, having the kids from one of the schools that benefit from the American Theater Wing dance in the aisles during this number was a great touch.

More Best Play nominees (and more)

Bobby Cavanale introduces the Mother#@$@$ with a Hat, or as they're saying on the Awards show The Mother with a Hat.

Seth Numic introduces The War Horse, in front of Lincoln Center with one of the horses from the play. The horse is kind of amazing, and NPH rides one onto stage.

Ouch... Ironically, that entire horse is held together by glue.

Patrick Wilson introduces Best Revival of a Play...

Importance of Being Earnest
Merchant of Venice
The Normal Heart

And the Tony Award goes to The Normal Heart. SUCH A GOOD PRODUCTION! Producer Daryl Roth accepts the award, and in a nice speech thanked everyone finishing with Larry Kramer. Kramer gives his own speech and speaks to the gay audience out there.

I wonder if they're going to be doing a scene from Company...

If Stephen Colbert, Christina Hendrickson and Jon Cryer are going to be performing, then they probably are. Plus, it'll be a great commercial for the movie theater screenings of the stage show.

Whoopi Goldberg introducing Sister Act (Final Best Musical nominee)...

Every day on my way to work, I pass the box office for Sister Act and every day, there is a line of about a dozen people waiting on line for the box office to open. And yet, I haven't seen much buzz about it. Are people that excited about it because it's a known quantity? The musical number seems fun and I'm sure it's a good show, but of all the musicals I still need to see, this is in the middle of the pack (with Spiderman - ahead of The Addams Family, but well behind Book of Mormon and even Catch Me If You Can).

Jim Parsons!

Jim Parsons was great in A Normal Heart (yes, I clearly adored that show).

He's introducing people who are introducing people talking about the Best Plays. I used to love when each Best Play nominee would air a scene.

Tate Donovan introduces Good People (which I would like to see)
Mark Rylance introduces Jerusalem (which I would also like to see)

And, now Robin Williams is on stage to introduce Best Book of a Musical, looking like Grizzly Adams (this is a nice room, the only beard in here is on my face. What a nice night. <- LOVE IT!)

Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson
Book of Mormon
Scottsboro Boys
Sister Act

And the winner is Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Robert Lopez for Book of Mormon. Matt Stone is apparently going to be speaking. Actually, all three spoke. Nice, low key speeches.

Edge and Bono come out to introduce a song from Spiderman...

Bono says he used to be famous for being U2. Says he thought that when he was going

Spiderman Turn off the Dark is now set to open next Tuesday. Edge says they were ready last February, but wanted to get the excitement level up, especially for the New York Post. Bono goes on to say that now he realizes how hard people work in the business.

They introduce their Peter Parker and Mary Jane, who sing a sweet song, but it didn't blow me away. More the song, than their efforts.

Brooke Shields presenting an award.. Best Featured Actor in a Musical

But, first she admits that she can't read a telep

Colman Domingo - Scottsboro Boys
Adam Godely - Anything Goes
John Larroequette - How to Succeed in Buesiness wihout really Trying
Forrest McClendon - Scottsboro Boys
Rory O'Malley - Book of Mormon

Very somber speech by Mr. L. He's thanking the producers. And, teared up a bit. Thanked the director. And, he thanks Daniel Radcliffe specially. And then he thanks his family.

Hugh Jackman!!

LOVING the interplay between Jackman and Harris.

I only play the big rooms.


I can host any show better than you.

Viva Laughlin did not make them laugh.

I can dance any dance better than you.

You're the top.

Stephen Colbert introduces a song from Book of Mormon..

Tries to get people to sit down. Hah!

I Believe sung is sung by Andrew Raynolds (who I think I saw at my office being interviewed by the host of Morning Buzz.

I did know that Mormons believed that ancient Jews built a boat and sailed to America. But, it would clarify the rumor that Native Americans are the ten lost tribes of Israel.

Wow, I do want to see this. I might have to suck it up and buy full price tickets. Which apparently will get me in to see this show sometime in February.

That was good...

Best Featured Actress in a Musical

Laura Benanti - Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Tammy Blanchard - How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
Victoria Clark - Sister Act
Nicki M. James - Book of Mormon
Patti LuPone - Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

And the winner is Nicki M. James, who took a few seconds to compose herself (says she didn't even write a speech because she thought it was silly) And, she won't leave the stage. Gorgeous!

I was going to say that she was going on and on, until she thanked her father who had passed on, so that made me tear up.

Ted Chapin and Angela Lansbury

come out to talk about what it is that the American Theater Wing actually does. I personally am a big fan of both the American Theater Wing podcasts and their tv show on CUNY TV.

Don Cheadle introduces Scottsboro Boys

This was a musical I really wish I had seen when it was running. Maybe I'll be somewhere where the National Tour is running.

Wow, all of these actors have such amazing voices. I wish they would put up the names of the folks singing, as I'd love to follow their careers. Off to wikipedia I go (during the break, of course).

I wish there were ways for these more somber productions to have more of a life on Broadway, though I guess I am part of the problem, as I didn't go see it because I couldn't bring myself to see a somber musical (even though it clearly wasn't somber all the way through, as that was a pretty upbeat song). Bah, there's got to be a way for musicals to get past preconceived notions, such as a musical about the Scottsboro case is going to be somber, which is true, but the music is clearly not. More commercials? Do shows even have money for tv commercials?

David Hyde Pierce introduces Best Direction in a Musical

Rob Ashford -
Kathleen Marshall - Anything Goes
Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker - Book of Mormon
Susan Stroman - Scottsboro Boys

Trey Parker looks like he really wants to get in there and thank folks, but . There we go... He gets to speak and thanks the South Park fans.

Maryanne Elliot and Tom Morris - War Horse
JOel Grey & George C Wolfe - Normal Heart
Anna G. Shapiro - Mother%^&&^ with a Hat
Daniel Sullivan - Merchant of Venice

Maryanne Elliott and Tom Morris won for War Horse. Haven't seen it yet, even though it's happening a mere three blocks away at Lincoln Center. I've heard the story is a bit lacking (based on a children's book?), but the show itself is visually amazing. The puppetry alone is grand. And, I liked how they thanked each others significant others.

NPH takes on Spiderman in 30 seconds...

And Bono and the Edge show they have a sense of humor. And, the jokes... not that bad.

Kathlenn Marshall won for Choerography...

Also during the commercials. Bah!

Aaron Tveit doing Don't Break the Rules from Catch Me if You Can...

With the whole ensemble...

Oh, this looks like fun. Haven't seen it yet, but it looks like an old school, happy musical.

Okay, based on this number, I just ordered a ticket on TDF.

I'll let you know what I think, but it looks good.

Viola Davis introducing Best Featured Actor in a Play

McKenzie Crook - Jerusalem
Billy Crudup - Arcadia
John Benjamin Hickey - Normal Heart
Arian Modayed - Bengal Tiger
Yul Vazuez - The Mother @$#@ with a Hat

John Benjamin Hickey wins. He was fabulous in the role. Actually, the whole show was fabulous. It really made you want to make a difference.

I loved his call out to his family in Texas warning them not to be watching the Mavericks game.

John Leguizamo talking about his Broadway experience...

I definitely want to see this show. Luckily, tickets are available.

I liked his Broadway moment. Gives hope to the actors and writers out there.

Book of Mormon wins Best Score...

But, why on earth is that in the non-televised section.

We got a funny Equus joke by NPH. He just caught Daniel Radcliffe trying to poke out the eyes of one of the War Horses.

Great commercial for The Good Wife...

Seriously, every commercial should focus on Kalinda (Archie Punjabi).

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying...

One of the Best revival nominees...

Matthew Broderick and Robert Morse are introducing the musical number...

Okay, so Daniel Radcliffe has a thin voice, but as I recall, so did Matthew Broderick when he played the role. He's also not tall...

But, I like him as an actor. Saw him in Equus two years ago and he was quite good in the role.

And I give him props for being able to open a show and keep it running. Cause How to Succeed isn't being discounted.

Best Featured Actress...

Alec Baldwin is presenting the Best Featured Actress in a play.

Ellen Barkin - Normal Heart
Edie Falco - House of Blue Leaves
Judith LIght - Lombardi
Joanna Lumley - La Bette
Elizabeth Rodriguez - The Mother#$$@ with a Hat


Ellen Barkin was ridiculously good.


The 2011 Tony Awards...

Host Neil Patrick Harris is telling us that the theater is okay for straights again.

Okay, I liked it. Though I felt bad for Brooke Shields and always glad to see Stephen Colbert.

Good night for television...

It's a crazy busy night for television today - somewhat odd for a summer night. On ABC at 9P, there's Game 6 of the NBA Finals (go Mavs!), on Oxygen at 9P, the series premiere of The Glee Project, the Tonys on CBS at 8P and, of course, Mob Wives/Audrina/Saddle Rance on VH1, starting at 8P. Think I'm going to watch the Finals, DVR the Tonys, and DVR the encores of Oxygen and Vh1 programming. Or, maybe I'll watch the Tonys and DVR the Finals. Then I can potentially live blog the Tonys.